David’s Aquathlon + Rest Week Stats

Just a quick update on some of David’s (my hubby) happenings… First, we had a really big change last week as David joined my company.  Now we carpool to work together and he is in the same downtown office, it’s great!  It cuts his commute from 45 minutes to 15 minutes (one way).  And he really enjoys his new team members who all seem to be very athletic and are already recruiting him for running relays and such. 

As far as tri’s go, while I was in Austin, David had the Kemah Olympic Triathlon on his agenda.  It’s a unique one, since the athletes jump off the boat and swim straight to shore.  Here are some pictures from their website to give you an idea:


Unfortunately, the night before there were extremely bad storms, and the bike leg was cancelled, so it turned into an aquathlon (swim-run).  The swim conditions were still fairly rough with very big swells.  David did awesome getting 15th out of 63!!  He swam a 2:05min/100m swim and had a 7:08/mi run pace.  He matched my sprint swim time and [of course] blew my run pace out of the water.  And he even felt like he held too much back on the run.  What can I say, I’m a proud wife! (And he only trains a portion of what I train…)


Speaking of training, I was actually really good about resting and doing a mini taper this week.  I did 7.5 hours of working out:

Monday: 1800m swim team.  The pool changed from 25yds length-wise to 50m; I miss my wall to push off!  But the length is great for tri training; I’ll get used to it.

Tuesday: 4 mi run + Body Pump.  The usual.

Wednesday: 1800m swim team.  I skipped the usual Wed AM trainer bike ride and chose sleep instead.  David said I needed it (implying I was grumpy or something…).  During swim practice that night, I tried to pull the “I’m in taper” on my swim coach, but she wouldn’t have it since I only had a sprint tri, and she made me swim just as long as everyone else.  In fact, she even put me in the fast girls lane, and I was nearly lapped multiple times.  I know she’s trying to push me, which I appreciate, but phew….

Thursday: 4 mi easy run.  Tried to keep it around 155 bpm HR.

Friday: Rest. Nap. Practice transitions and pack gear.  Sidenote: I always practice both transitions once or twice the day before the race, and it always pays off.

Saturday: CB&I Sprint Tri –  500m swim, 15 mi bike, 3.1 mi run.

Sunday: 30 mi recovery ride with Houston’s “Saturday Ride” Group – 30 miles around town, ending at the Houston Grand Crit and getting to see some criterium racing!

11 thoughts on “David’s Aquathlon + Rest Week Stats

  1. Jumping off of a boat? That’s a unique way to start a race. I wouldn’t want to be the first person to jump in and have everyone land (almost) on top of me though!

    That’s great that you two can commute to work together (and I’m jealous of your short commute time). Is David going to join your company cycling team now too?

    1. Only the pros can dive (I think that’s pros in the picture), then everyone else is on a time trial-like start where it’s 5 or 10 second intervals between jumps. But David said if you don’t move fast you will get jumped on (he jumped on some guy that didn’t move out of the way by accident!). David was already on the cycling team, but he’ll be joining the running team also. We are also looking at some bike commuting options & routes to run home some days!

      1. A time trial start seems slightly less intimidating, but I’m sure I’d still have a decent amount of anxiety!

        Sounds like you work for a great company if you’ve got a cycling and running team. I would love it if we had something here, but since we’ve got lockers & showers I don’t complain. Does your company formally support the teams, or are they more/less a group of co-workers who get together to train and race?

      2. Definitely employee run, with some on-and-off support of the company. We are working to change that though and might get some additional support for next year’s cycling team! The cycling team started very small ~7 years ago with just 20 people and has grown, now anywhere from 100-300 cyclists per year.

  2. I honest to God could not read the post because I saw the photo of you guys jumping off the boat and I froze. I love to swim. I am great swimmer (57 minutes for my first Ironman swim) but every year when I go to the dock for the first time and have to jump off I eventually have to have someone shove me. I can’t imagine jumping off the side of that boat. Now, I will go back and read the post.

    1. Wow – you are speedy! Sorry to have startled you. Yeah, I’m sure the jumping off is scary, especially with all those people in wavy conditions!

  3. Wow, what a sight jumping off the boat, I’ve never heard anything like it! Would you ever consider doing a crit in the near future?

      1. probably not, the thought of repeating the same short course over and over doesn’t seem too appealing just yet. I need a change of scenery!

      2. yeah, but you wouldn’t even notice the course… you’re just looking at the wheel of the girl you’re holding on to for dear life!

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