A Chilly Sprint Triathlon Tomorrow

My first triathlon of the season is tomorrow – eeeek!  I’m excited to be racing again, except that I woke up with that achy/getting sick feeling this morning.  I’m hoping to shake it by tomorrow, but honestly this week has been a struggle.  I don’t think I’ve caught up on sleep from last weekend’s shenanigans.

The main reason for doing this sprint tri was to get a “warm-up” first tri of the season before my Olympic tri at the end of the month, BUT of course there’s a cold front this weekend and we’re reaching record lows.  Lucky me to be jumping in the water at those temps 😉  No, the water won’t be that cold, but it will be very cold waiting around at the start as well as once I exit the water!!   Here’s what weather.com is saying:


I’m a tad anxious since I’m hoping to beat my times from last year, and agonizing over my new AG (30-34) which will be much more competitive.  I have big expectations for improvements in all events!  And I’m taking my tri bike on her first race.

I’ve also been debating my clothing strategy; I’ll definitely be wearing a sleeveless wetsuit for the swim.  Mainly for the warmth, and the added buoyance will make the swim really speedy.  It’s a tri suit, so should be easy enough to pull off even though there won’t be wetsuit strippers.  It will probably be right around 50 degrees when I exit the water, but I don’t think I’m going to bother with a jacket or arm warmers since it’s a sprint tri.  I’m hoping the 15 miles on the bike just goes really fast and I don’t freeze to death!!  On the bright side, the run won’t be hot like it normally is here in Texas.

Ok, I’m off to pack, practice my transitions and pick out a good movie for tonight. See you in a couple days with a race report!

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