May: Fresh Beginnings

I love the start of a new month; there’s something about a chance to reset and review goals that feels fresh and energizing.  No matter how much birthday cake or bachelorette party wine I may have consumed in April, I can put that behind me and start on a blank page with new goals.  And May is a wonderful month in Texas; still not quite to the heat of the summer and plenty of opportunities for biking, running, and swimming.


Food Goals:

– I’m going to get a little more serious on MyFitnessPal recording and follow the “Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, Dinner Like a Pauper” saying.  This is pretty much how I’ve been eating for the past year or more: a bit carb heavy in the morning and lighter with more protein in the evening.  I feel it prevents me from going to sleep feeling “heavy” and full.  I’ve noticed that MyFitnessPal also prevents me from snacking on random stuff, since I don’t want to record random small bites.

– Cut back on refined sugar and gluten.  Again, this is pretty much how I already eat, but I got away from it a bit during April.  I see lots of nutrient packed smoothies in my future.  And of course, hydrate!  A big glass of water with lemon juice in the morning + 2 Nalgene size bottles of water at work.

Triathlon/Fitness Goals:

I’m reinstating the 30-day 15 minute ab challenge (or 31 days in this case).  I made it to around day 28 a couple months ago, then got sick.  So this time, it’s on.

– Swim 3x a week,  and add some running intervals to the mix, and do more bricks off the bike.

– Do some real block training.  This first week of May is a “recovery” week to try to reduce volume a bit before my sprint tri on Saturday.  Even though I’ve talked about it, I really haven’t done a proper recovery / rest week lately.  The last 5 weeks I’ve averaged 12-13 hours of workouts per week, all of which above 10 hours, which is a big increase from my 5-6 hours of running & strength per week over the winter.  So from here on out, I’ll be trying to work in 4-week blocks, with 3 weeks of build and 1 week of recovery.  Preferably the recovery week will come before a race and I’m going to try to have a specific focus for each block.  At the end of May’s 4-week block I have my first Olympic Tri of the year in Austin (CapTex). 

That’s it for now; what are your May goals?

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