Elise’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

I had to switch workouts around this week for my sister’s 3-day Austin Bachelorette party.  I’m glad to have survived, but feel that partying until the bars close hurts way more than any century rides!  It was so much fun, but maybe I’m getting to old for this.  Here’s how the week went down:

Monday – Rest.  This wasn’t meant to be a rest day, but I missed swim practice.  I kind of needed a rest day after not having one the previous week so it worked out.

Tuesday – 1800yd swim (AM) + Body Pump easy on legs (lunch) + 4.3mi Tempo Run (PM).  I didn’t intend for this to be a 3-workout day, but I kind of overbooked myself, whoops!  I changed the swim practice I missed to the morning, then moved my run with my friend Amanda to the evening and forgot that I was also going to do weights.  Let me tell you, evening running was hard!!  Amanda and I both realized we need to do more running in the heat to get acclimated.

Wednesday – 60′ interval trainer spin with tri bike (AM) + 2350yds Tri Swim Team (PM).  Another morning spin with some girls at the local tri shop.  The main set consisted of 6 x 3 min Z4-5 intervals followed by 2 mins easy.  Then after work I dragged myself to swim practice.

Thursday – 75′ easy trainer spin with tri bike (AM) + Body Pump (lunch) – The trainer at home is the ultimate method of boredom, if you didn’t know that already.  The workout was long & steady (10′ w/u, 55′ at 130-140 bpm HR, 5′ single leg drills, and 5′ c/d).  Followed by a big green smoothie to prep for the weekend of less healthy things to come…


For my middle sister Elise’s Bachelorette Party we all met Thursday evening in Austin, Texas.  There were seven girls total including 4 of Elise’s friends and also my youngest sister Gillian.


We stayed at a vacation lake house in Austin.  It was pretty sweet!


Friday – 60’ run (AM) – I got up early and get in an hour of running, at a very slow pace mind you.  The hills in Austin are tough!  But I was glad I did, since the remainder of the day was spent wine tasting in Fredericksburg, then later that night country dancing.  We booked a limo service for the wine tasting and went to three wineries – it was my first time in a limo, fun!


The night ended with lots of two stepping and some mechanical bull riding, so I think it’s safe to say it was a successful night?

Saturday – 30’ run (AM).  I only got in a short run, but it’s better than nothing, right?  We were all feeling a bit rough from Friday night.  We did do some walking around Town Lake then napping before Round #2, which was going out on a Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt at bars on Austin’s hip Rainey Street.  I’m not going to post any pictures from that night, but let’s just say the bride had a blast, and I was actually pretty happy to be DD and have a good excuse not to drink Smile 

Sunday – NOTHING.  I planned to bike this afternoon once I drove back from Houston, but have no motivation and my body is tired.  I feel like the workout wouldn’t be beneficial, so I’ll be starting fresh tomorrow morning.

So that’s it, I’m looking forward to some cleansing foods this week – lots of greens! – and getting back to my old person sleep schedule (i.e. not going to bed at 3 AM!). 

5 thoughts on “Elise’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

  1. You definitnely had a great week. I always save a day in the week where I don’t do anything either and I’m always tempted to go out and do something but I really have to try hold myself back!

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