Upcoming Sprint Tri + Weekly Stats

I don’t know where last week went; it was a pretty solid week of workouts, but between that, my birthday, a friend’s bachelorette party, and an engagement party, things have been busy!!  I’m not complaining (and who can complain about being out and about in the awesome spring weather we’re witnessing?), but I definitely embraced some couch time on Sunday. 


Oh, and in other good news, I got into The Woodlands CB&I Triathlon on May 4th!!  The triathlon had filled up in January and I was on the waitlist and just got in today (I feel like I just got into an exclusive club after waiting in line at the door!).  It will be a great first race of the season and nice warm up for me.  I did this tri last year, so I’m excited to see how my times this year stack up and how my tri bike will perform.  Here’s last week’s stats, around 12 hours of training or so:

Monday – 2250yd Swim Practice (PM): Our tri training group is growing as it gets warmer, and my coach is giving us “regulars” longer sets, which I’m liking.  We did a killer drill this time: 6 x 75yds, 1st 25yds just kick & rotate (no arms), 2nd 25yds one arm, 3rd 25yds regular freestyle.  I go NOWHERE kicking.  This practice made me contemplate needing to improve my kick, which was significantly slower than most others, even we’re the same pace in regular freestyle.

Tuesday – 4 mile run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch).  Woke up early for a run with Amanda & our hubbies.  When the guys run, they always push us.  We started with an 8:30 pace, then 8:00, then somewhere in the 7:00’s, sheesh!

Wednesday – 60′ Trainer w/ Tri Bike (AM) + 2100yd Swim Practice (PM).  I thought Monday’s swim practice was tough, but I was wrong.  At around 1700yds into practice, I thought we might cool down soon, but my coach said “now for the hard stuff.”  We had to finish with 6 x 50yd sprints!  A couple sprints are hard for me, so six in a row are really hard.  I held a very constant 0:42s/100yds, with one at 0:41 and the last one at 0:43 when I about died and had ZERO energy left.  It felt like swimming through molasses.  I still can’t figure out how some of the faster swimmers can do 50yd sprints in the 0:30 seconds – I wish I knew what they know!

Thursday – BIRTHDAY 4 mile run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch).  My legs were pretty tired at this point in the week.

Friday– 2000m easy solo swim (lunch) – Glorious “rest” day!  With an easy swim.  I thought it would be fun to get to the pool and do a 500m warm up, followed my 30 laps (1500m).  To make counting easier, at each lap I thought of that year of my life.  Years 0-2 were pretty boring since I didn’t remember anything, but from then on I had many memories flowing out for each year, and the laps went by very quickly!

Saturday – 7-ish mile run at 8:40min/mi pace (AM)  – got in a good hour of running to start the day (and remove and tired-ness from the Bachelorette party the night before!!).

Sunday – 60 mile tri bike ride (AM), ~3.5 hrs with breaks.  David and I did this figure-8 type route west of Houston.  It’s very flat with nice wide shoulders for the most part.  


So what happens when you volunteer to help clean up a supported bike ride (like we did last weekend)?  You get TONS of leftover bananas & oranges!  I froze most of the bananas for smoothies (I read to put them on a baking sheet and freeze before transferring to a plastic bag, probably so they don’t get mushy first), and I used the juice and zest from the oranges in baked goods so I could stock my cupboards with homemade bars & balls.  Yum!!


7 thoughts on “Upcoming Sprint Tri + Weekly Stats

  1. Volunteer to clean up after a ride – now that’s worth it with all the goodies!! Never thought of that because I’m usually exhausted at that point. Which tri sport is your strongest and which is weakest?

  2. That’s exciting to get into the sold-out tri! Sounds like you’ll be prepared with all the training you’ve been putting in.

    I went through a phase where I ate frozen banana smoothies every day (one frozen banana, one fresh banana, and some soy milk). I had one this past weekend for the first time in months. Needless to say our freezer is once again full of bananas!

  3. I buy my fruits in bulk every 2 weeks with my Boyfriend’s family so I get 4 bundles of bananas that I can never finish so I freeze them too. I love a frozen smoothie in the morning!

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