Boston Marathon Sadness

I have a post ready to go out today, but I’m saving it for tomorrow and taking some time to think about the horrible explosions in Boston today.  I’ve already seen a lot of blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts related to the terrible event, and I know all of you are equally saddened by it.  To ruin not only a joyous event and celebration that many runners have trained hard for, but to take lives and physically alter people for the rest of their lives is just horrible.  I feel especially saddened as I consider athletes somewhat of a community, and the community was hit hard today.  My thoughts go out to the runners, families, spectators, and everyone else affected.

I plan to take some time to be thankful for those around me and being able to do what I love since I don’t do it enough (here is a good post on the subject).  And if nothing else, I’ll be giving some good hugs today.

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