A Week of Naps

I think my body was trying to tell me something this week; I came home Monday night, crashed for an hour (by accident!) woke up groggy and still slept through the night.  By Friday I took another grog-inducing nap, and this morning (Sunday) I woke up early, ran, then returned to bed for a  couple hours. Was my body trying to tell me something?!  Even though I try for a minimum 7 hours of sleep each night I guess these long bike rides are having their way with me.  Here’s the recap for the week:

Monday: Swim 1900m (lunch).  I was still tired from my 5 hours of biking the day before (surprise), so I opted to skip swim team and do a solo swim at lunch.  I wanted to keep my heart rate down so it could be a “recovery” swim.  It’s the first time I’ve ever done a specific recovery swim, and it did feel nice to lengthen and stretch at an easy pace.

Tuesday: 4 mi tempo run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch).  Amanda and I have been running the same route for a while now, and we usually do a mile warm up then get progressively faster, from 8:45 to around 8:15/min mile.  It’s been a good workout so far, but I’m afraid is getting to routine and soon we’re going to start some interval training and hills I think.

Wednesday: 50min Trainer Spin (AM) with tri bike.  Tri On the Run’s spin class again.  Warm up, single leg drills, a few intervals and cooldown.  I was supposed to go to swim practice that evening, but the temperature dropped and it was windy so I chose to stay indoors and enjoy a couple episodes of Game of Thrones with David (yes, totally addicted to that show!).

Thursday: 50min Trainer Spin + 15 min run OTB (AM) + Body Pump (lunch).  OTB = off the bike.  First brick of the season!  I was supposed to run in the morning, but a thunderstorm prevented it, so I hopped on the trainer, did some spinning with intervals for 50 mins, then ran over to the apartment gym for a 10 min run on the treadmill.  Apart from being tired from the body pump and spin sessions earlier this week, my legs faired pretty well for this first brick, so maybe the tri bike had something to do with it.

Friday: OFF 🙂  Hair appointment… and resting the legs.  And another nap.


Saturday: 56 mile bike ride + 3 mile run OTB.  I had a blast at the last team ride of the season in Fayetteville.  It’s my favorite ride and I never tire of the bluebonnets and the quaint town.  David and I rode with a fun group of guys and had fun racing each other up the hills enjoying the scenery on the way down.  We averaged around 18.5 mph (moving), 2200’ of climbing.


After the bike we joined 5 other guys for a brick run.  I only did 3 miles, and it hurt, but averaged around 9 min/mile.  Sorry legs!  Then we enjoyed the town square and the banjo playing before helping the team pack up.


Sunday: 4 mile run.  I met Amanda for a run and was supposed to do 6 or 8 miles, but only managed 4!  My poor legs were so dead.  I’m glad I have an understanding running buddy.  We checked out some new trails between the Heights & Downtown, but I don’t love them; they’re still a little sketchy.


Pancakes plus more sleep ended up being a better call than more running Smile


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