Weekly Recap & Fueling Strategies

Last week was my 4th or 5th week of heavy build, so I’m looking forward to some easy workouts this week and recovering my legs.  Even with two rest days, last week was a hefty 18 hours of training (due to the EHCT, though it was long and slow climbing miles).  Here’s last week’s numbers, a little late:

Monday: 90min Spin Class (lunch) + Tri Swim Team ~2000yds.  I took it pretty easy the day before with just an easy 5 mile run, so I hit up 90 minutes of spin at lunch.  (my work schedule is pretty flexible, as long as I get my work done and get my hours per day in). I enjoyed the spin class until the instructor had us do intervals to the Harlem Shake – ouch, and I had that song in my head the rest of the day!  In swim practice, my swim coach has me swimming with the guys lately, and we’ve been averaging 2000+ yds per practice, which is pretty good for me.  She’s been having us do a lot of sprints to help with our strength and stamina.  Sprints in any sport are a love-hate relationship for me, but swimming is especially grueling.  As I tire, my form deteriorates and my speed drops off rapidly.  My swim coach told us “I became a really good swimmer when I realized to focus hold my form when I was tired.”  Gotta remember that one.   

Tuesday: Body Pump (lunch) + 4 mi Run (PM).  I tried to lift “heavy” in Body Pump, so my legs were pretty tired for the run.  Still, I experimented on the last two miles of the run to see how what pace I could hold at a 157-ish heart rate, and it was around 8:10.  The heart rate wasn’t easy, but surprisingly didn’t feel that bad.

Wednesday: Tri Bike on Trainer 60mins (AM) + Tri Swim Team ~2000yds (PM).  I’ve been burning the candle at both ends on Wednesdays by spinning in the morning and swimming in the evening – killer.  I’m still getting used to the tri bike;  it’s such a change from my road bike which I find to be so comfortable.  With the tri bike, I have difficulty getting weight on my sit bones and relieving pressure elsewhere.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading online and checking out other girl’s tri bikes, and I  think some of the discomfort is because my seat to aerobar drop is 4″.  It’s not bad, just fairly aggressive and will take some getting used to and some flexibility.  I’m fairly flexible, but keeping my sit bones on the saddle while bending over to reach the aerobars is taking some work.  I read that I should try riding on the trainer and folding towels on the aero bars and progressively unfolding them over a few positions until I achieve the position I want.  Looks like worst case I just might raise the aeorbar arm rests. And just ride a lot.  It’s going to require a lot of time in the saddle to acclimate.

Thursday: Rest day!  Took a stretch/flexibility yoga class & did abs.

Friday & Saturday2-day bike tour, 190 miles & 10,000’+ elevation gain.  I later told David “maybe we shouldn’t have done the 105 miles on day 2″… It always gets the best of me.  Great climbing, but likely minimal fitness gains compared to faster, shorter rides.

Sunday:  REST.  I napped hard.


Onto fuel: that’s some poor, random cyclist caught in one of my photos, but that pretty much sums up how I ate on last weekend’s bike rides –stuffing my face with rest stop food!  I was fine this weekend with no stomach upsets and I didn’t bonk (rarely do), but I feel like I overate or maybe just ate too many fat calories – trust me, I probably ate a jar full of nut butter over the course of two days.  For bike rides & runs, I think I’m back to my 100 cal every 30 mins (of my own food – not rest stop cookies). 

I ate pretty bad after the ride too; I generally don’t eat much fried or processed food, and this weekend I ate a ton of bread, bagels, pizza, beer & burgers and it didn’t feel great.  My mindset goes to “I’m biking 100+ miles this weekend… I can eat whatever I want!” – which, true I need to eat a LOT of calories, but honestly, I still want to feel good afterwards and not sluggish and heavy. 

Needless to say, when I got home Sunday I was ready to get back to my favorite clean meals!  I’m also back to being a little more diligent with my use of MyFitnessPal, a great calorie counter app.  Definitely not to lose weight, but to try to understand the “happy medium” that works for me to fuel all these workouts.  I notice I’m pretty consistently eating a ratio of 50-60% carbs, 10-20% protein and 30% fat, which is pretty high in fat (mostly from nuts and avocados).  The fat’s not that bad, though I’d like to get a little more protein for recovery: about 0.5 – 1.0 g/lb body weight = 75-135 g for me, or 20-30g protein per mealSome recommendations are even closer to a 60/20/20 carb/protein/fat ratio.

I also found a #AprilWholeFoodsEating challenge on Twitter/FB that I’ll try  follow; it’s not too far off my regular dietary goals – basically minimal processed foods, gluten (in processed foods), cheese, or refined sugar.  It helps to have a CSA and get awesome stuff like Swiss Chard (a fave!) and leeks with old man whiskers, too funny!  How do you fuel your workouts?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap & Fueling Strategies

  1. Goodness, a 90min spin+swim on the same day?! That’s some fitness!! Aww, no rice crispy treats at your rest stops? By the way, the PB&J with pickles you mentioned in your other post sound like a good idea. What do you usually eat as protein post-workout?

    1. Haha, I had a lot of energy… no rice crispies this time, I forgot! Lately protein post-ride is chocolate milk if I’m far from home; I still haven’t decided if it’s the best thing or I should do a shake or something like that. I just find the kid-size single serving chocolate milks easy to pack in a cooler. If I’m close to home protein pancakes or a smoothie. What do you do for post-workout?

  2. One problem I have in post-rides is I am hungry for DAYS afterwards. And I can’t ever get enough. Basically, I binge post-ride. I’m trying to tame that, and I’ve been stashing cooked chicken in the fridge that makes it super easy to heat up a little when I’m hungry – plus a rice mixture I make that is a combination of jasmine, forbidden rice and some spices. And of course, healthy snacks – avocados, 1-1.5 tsp almond butter, pistachios/almonds, whole grain breads, etc.

    During rides, I sip cytomax. 100 miles and less and I can “wing” it, but once I go over 150 miles or so, I really need to watch my intake during the ride. I keep a small kitchen timer on my bike that beeps every 10-15 mins to remind me to keep sipping. I also like a plain McDonald’s hamburger too, as I suffer from sweating out too much salt if it is hot and I am out there long enough.

    1. Yes, I definitely get hungry the rest of the day after rides if I don’t take enough in… I have to get at least 200cal/hr food, and I don’t count my 80cal drink mix in that!
      I also sometimes crave a burger after a ride if I haven’t eaten enough – I guess the salt & fat helps.

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