Bike Tour Prep

I’m packing & prepping for the Easter Hill Country Tour this weekend; I convinced David to ride this 2-day tour with me since we did our seventh MS150 last April and wanted to do something different.

I have my bike ready with a new set of trusty Contintental Tires and “Tuffy” liners – the key to no puncture flats!  And who could forget Ice Wax  (I don’t change tires out that often, but it was about time judging by all the nicks, etc. in the old tires).


Who could not trust Continental tires with scary tough German ladies like these on the box?  I had a laugh.


And we’re prepping our bodies with lots of food and snacks for the road.  I even threw in some Cadbury Eggs, it is Easter weekend after all!


Have a great weekend.  Gone Riding!

11 thoughts on “Bike Tour Prep

    1. Thanks – I either get the Mr. Tuffy brand or the Stop Flats 2 brand shown off Amazon, or sometimes you can find them in local bike shops. Cost is probably around $10-20, and sizes vary depending on your wheel. I swear by them for road biking! Only issue is if you are riding on the trainer a lot; the trainer causes a lot of heat on the rear tire and the heat can cause a break in the tube where the liner overlaps.

      1. Ahh right cool thank you. I’m planning a big cycle tour of my own which will see me cover around 4,000k so I reckon they’ll be invaluable! I’ll have a look today 🙂

      2. Both of those links worked for me Brittany, thanks 🙂

        I’ll check them out when I get on my computer and may make the purchase, save my inner tubes!

  1. Look forward to the tour report! Have a terrific time & hope those German ladies are keeping a watch on those tires!! How far was the drive there?

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