David’s First Kitesurfing Competition

Last Sunday I got to cheer on and support my husband David during in his first kitesurfing competition.  Normally we’re both racing in whatever sport it is, so it was kind of fun to be the spectator.  And no, kitesurfing/kiteboarding/kiting is not the same as parasailing or wakeboarding (we get asked that all the time).  There’s no motor involved, just you and the wind.  And kite, lines, and board.  This is David a few years back; water sports are his first love. 


David’s pretty darn good at kiting, and this was his first chance to compete.  The Galveston Bay Cruising Association put on it’s first Rib Regatta, named after a guy who broke his rib his first time kiting – makes you want to kite right?   Kite racing/competition is a little more complex than a normal running event or bike race as it’s all dependent on the wind and weather.  Luckily it was a very windy day for them, but it was almost too windy with gusts up to 40 mph.   David was a little “over-powered” (his kite was too big for the especially windy conditions) but he was going to compete anyway.


There were three competitions taking place: a Z-course event (course shaped like a Z), a down-winder (zig-zagging very fast downwind like a slolem ski event), and a freestyle (doing tricks) event.  David participated in the Z-course event.  Can you tell he was excited?


There were two races; he placed 8th and 6th out of about 20 racers in both and was absolutely exhausted (a lot of guys didn’t finish!).  He sort of regretted he didn’t yet purchase a surf-type board and had a twin-tip board instead.  The twin-tip is good for tricks but not speed; they guys that won the racing competition had surf boards.  I hope he gets home and buys what he needs – I have no qualms with purchasing sports equipment!!  Still, he did pretty awesome and I’m really proud of him.


I took a lot of pictures with the zoom lens, but the course was really far out, so it was difficult to see as a spectator.  I got to see the start, then sat back bundled in my blanket and ate my lunch Smile I had a makeshift WholeFoods bar made from leftovers in my fridge – arugula and veggies topped with brown rice and TJ’s baked teryaki tofu which is awesome!  I’ll be buying more.


Not a bad Sunday outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather.  Now if it only warms up just a little…

Oh, and I actually do have a race on the calendar that David won’t be participating in!  I’ve been invited to be a blog ambassador and run in the Houston Esprit de She 10k on May 9th.  It’s pretty neat since it’s a Thursday night 5k/10k with a post-race night market including bubbly and tapas.  Don’t mind if I do Winking smile


I’ve never run an evening 10k and this will be my very first women’s only race, so it will be a fun change.  They also have cycling and triathlon events around the US that sound very cool as well – check it out!

Anyone else do wind or water sports?

8 thoughts on “David’s First Kitesurfing Competition

  1. Love me some kite boarding. Don’t love me competition kite boarding. Love to free style. But Looking forward to meeting you. Davids been a great encouragement My first year on the board and kite!

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