My Go-to Songs for Epic Bike Rides

I don’t often train with music since I can’t race or bike ride with music anyway, but getting a song stuck in my head before an event really works for me.  Sometimes I just need that push to make me feel a little more “bad-A”  (David and I always joke and say bad-A instead of bad-ass, since obviously if we were more bad-ass we would use the curse word). 

Anyway, a week ago we watched The Art of Flight snowboarding movie on Netflix because our player keeps recommending us sporty movies and we keep watching them.  It’s worth watching at least the first 20 minutes, but then gets repetitive.   But I digress; the opening scene shows them snowboarding in Alaska with the song “Ghosts n Stuff (Nero Remix)” by Deadmou5.  The scene is pretty thrilling, their snowboarding skills are ridiculously crazy, and I really loved the violin mixed with dubstep.

So when I woke up this morning and was getting ready for my bike ride with my much faster friends, I couldn’t get the song out of my head – I NEEDED to hear that song.  The ride was going to be tough and it would my epic background music.  Or at least I needed to make it that way so I could hang on.  I put the song on repeat in my car for about the last 10 miles of the car ride, and it’s silly, but it really helped me through the ride!  I hung on a few times and didn’t doubt myself since I’d psyched myself up for a great ride.  Go listen to it now, it’s that good!!  A couple other songs I’ve been listening to lately before big training/racing events: Good Charlotte’s “Keep Your Hands Off my Girl”, Rob Zombie’s “More Human than Human”, Tron Legacy, and Skillrex “Bangarang”.  If these don’t pump me up, I don’t know what will.

Onto the ride – wow, this one tested me!  I was going to ride with a girlfriend, but she had a last minute-injury and had to cancel, so when my MUCH faster-than-me friend Tom called me and said I was welcome to ride his wheel, I jumped at the chance.  Only problem, he was going 70 miles.  Oh, and it was going to be a hilly route on a windy day.  Undoubtedly when he and his friend showed up with their Zipp wheels I was a little intimidated, but it still sounded more fun that riding solo, so I decided I’d see how long I could hang, assuming that would probably be just 15 miles. 


I held on longer than I thought and only had to drop at 62 miles, when I thought I might loose it if I pushed any harder.  We did 70 miles in around 4 hours, which was pretty good considering the wind that picked up on the return route.  Tom was on his tri bike so he pulled the whole way.  That’s one way to get better – ride with someone faster than you, though it’s hard to find a good friend that is faster and willing to pull the whole way, I’m lucky to have one!  Tom knows it will improve my fitness and we enjoy riding together.  But whatever you do don’t be one of those guys that just drafts off others without asking, it’s not great ride etiquette and I find it annoying, and do learn how to draft in a paceline first.

Stats for the ride:  71 miles, 4:22, 4,200’ elevation, 2,300 cal burned.  Pretty sweet!  I can’t wait to ride again, and yes, I’ll have Deadmou5 on repeat again Smile

That ride really messed with my metabolism though; I was hungry then full all day… it’s a fine balance and I’m always on the “eat too much” side.  Post-ride I had some yummy deconstructed sushi made of leftovers, then for dinner I had my favorite vegan Mexican Verde Enchiladas plus an Alaskan Amber Ale (and watched a bunch of Downton Abbey while in compression gear – perfect!). 


I know – no tri bike action you ask?  I took my road bike on the long ride so I could draft and tackle the hills.  I wasn’t ready to risk injury/pain in a new position on a long ride.  I did take my tri bike out for 15 miles last week, to test it out and get used to the position.  Boy is it different, and I’m not sure it’s exactly right yet, plus I’m having a minor mechanical issue with my Vision Metron shifters (more on that later).  So we’re off to the bike shop today to get  her fixed up and make sure my saddle position is correct.

From what I did ride, I enjoyed the aero position, and could really get cranking when I got up to speed.  I was cruising at 20+ mph pretty easily.  This is going to be a fun toy!  No back aches or issues other than my shoulders doing a lot more work than they’re used to, as well as sitting in an.. err.. different area, which is not my sit bones.


This week in numbers, around 11 hours total:

  • Monday: 15 mile bike + 1800m tri swim team (PM)
  • Tuesday: 4 mi run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch)
  • Wednesday: 60 min trainer ride (AM) + 220m tri swim team (PM)
  • Thursday: 4 mi run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch)
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: 71 mi bike ride
  • Sunday: 6.4 mi run (and maybe a short tri bike ride later…)

A couple last notes on food – Costco is killing it lately with their healthy choices – Coconut oil in bulk, plus Grapeseed Oil.  I’ve been looking for a good high heat oil, and this is perfect.  And I’m experimenting on the waffle maker again – today’s were Tropical Raspberry-Coconut-Macadamia waffles topped with kiwi and a side of ginger-pear green juice for St. Patty’s Day.  These oat-based waffles turned out pretty well, but still need to be a tad more dense.  Will post a recipe once I master it!


That’s all for this week – do you have any epic songs to pump you up for rides/workouts? Or just any epic rides lately?

2 thoughts on “My Go-to Songs for Epic Bike Rides

  1. Terrific speedy ride, Brittany! Way to go riding with the boys! I try not to draft all the time, but my “trying to catch up to the guy in the front” is perceived as drafting!! When can you get your tri bike back home from the shop?

    1. Thanks! I like riding with the guys 🙂 I took my tri bike for a short ride and to the shop today; they had it fixed within a half hour and were able to give it right back to me, with a few fit adjustments that should make things more comfy too. Yeah, I only draft off people I know, unless it’s a fast group ride where I know the others are experienced enough.

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