Pretty Muddy Race Entry Giveaway

Hey y’all, I have some exciting news: today I’ll be hosting my first giveaway!  Please bear with me since it’s the first one. 

But first, remember how I was saying how I really wanted to have hard practices at swimming since it’s cold out? Well my coach handed it to me this week with an “I-want-you-to-know-how-it-feels-to-swim-tired” workout:

  • 400m w/u, 200m kick with fins & board
  • 200m drill:1st 25m glide drill, 2nd 25m free focusing on form
  • 6 x 50m build with fins, followed by 100m easy
  • 2 sets of: 300 negative split, followed by 3 x 50m sprints
  • 100 c/d

She did let us use fins on a lot of the drills, but those 50m sprints after timed 300’s were killer!  The breaks between sets were short, so I could only hold 0:45 for the sprints.  I don’t know what those sprints did, but I’ve been stuffing my face the past few days to make up for it!  Not that I’m complaining that much Smile  A few favorites from the week were pancakes & beet juice for breakfast & dried kiwis for snacking:



Pretty Muddy Women’s Run Giveaway

I mentioned before that I’m a blog ambassador for the Pretty Muddy Women’s Run, and they have some great events around the US.  The runs are untimed 5K’s with lots of muddy obstacles.  I’d love to participate in one and get muddy, but they haven’t scheduled anything in Houston yet, so I thought I’d see if any of you would like to participate in one instead!


The winner of the giveaway will receive one free entry to a Pretty Muddy run in the city our your choice; Texan ladies – there’s a Dallas run on June 1st!  The run is women only, so while guys can win the promo code, you will probably have to gift it to some lovely lady.

All you have to do is to leave a comment at the bottom of this post as to why you’d like to win  by midnight CST,  Monday March 18th.  One comment per person please.  I’ll use a random number generator to pick a comment the following Monday, and contact the winner with the promo code.  Let’s be honest, if you comment you have a really great chance of winning!

10 thoughts on “Pretty Muddy Race Entry Giveaway

  1. Cool! We have similar stuff in my area – Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, Mud run. I’d try out if it comes with plane tickets! just kidding!

  2. Oh man… looks like I’m too late to win. I still wanted to comment and say that the Pretty Muddy looks so fun. My friend and I are trying to find any discount codes we can (as we may have signed up for too many races this year and we are realizing we have an expensive running hobby lol). If you know of any discount codes please let us know as we’d like to add this to our run list! !

  3. I would love a free ticket to do the pretty muddy run in Richmond va! I’ve always wanted to do one but never had the chance.

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