Interval Bike Trainer Workout + Short Term Swim Goals

Happy almost-weekend!  It’s looking like another gorgeous spring weekend here in Texas, I can’t wait to get on my bike – I’m planning for a long, hilly ride with the road bike Saturday and a flat, shorter city bike with the tri bike on Sunday.  I’ve been trying to ride during the week too, and while I didn’t have time to ride outdoors mid-week, I was able to do a good 60min spin workout on the trainer to get some speed training in.  I did the intervals at an upper 150’s heart rate and was sweating like crazy:

Interval Trainer Workout

  • 10 min w/u
  • 6 x 5 min @ high Zone 4 with 3 mins rest between each:  2 min in drops/aero, 2 min climbing (out of saddle), 1 min fast spin @ 100+RPM
  • 10 min c/d

Warmer spring weather also means warmer swim practices; the outdoor pool I go to is heated, but it’s not that warm.  On the cold days I’m actually hoping for hard workouts with no breaks just to keep my body from shivering!  Okay, enough complaining already, I actually am enjoying the practices again despite the temperature. Since it’s still early season, my coach has us focusing on form and drills a whole lot, but also doing a number of timed sets.  This helps set a baseline, but also really helps me to understand my pace.  I didn’t get it at first, but now when I go to a race, I know what pace I can “hold comfortably” versus what pace I’ll burn out at quickly.  Thank goodness for having a coach, I definitely wouldn’t have done this by myself, and I always push myself a little harder in hopes of beating the person in the lane next to me!  My times lately:

  • 200m timed @ 3:28
  • 100m timed @ 1:38 (85% effort)
  • 50m timed @ 0:41  <— almost beating the guy next to me but he does such fast flip turns, he got 0:40!

Based on these, my coach gave me a short-term goal to achieve over the next 3 months: 10 x 100’s at 1:40 on a 1:55 interval.  For my 2012 triathlons, I was always above 2:00/100m, so I’d love to get this down and I think goals like this help.  I know, these times are probably laughable to some, but I went from fighting the water at the beginning of last year to actually enjoying swimming this year.  Some days I even feel like this in the pool:


One of my  girl crushes, Natalie Coughlin- yeah, I only need to drop my 50m free by almost 20 seconds to match hers Smile  Ok – time to get ready for the weekend and enjoy my REST day tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Interval Bike Trainer Workout + Short Term Swim Goals

  1. This being my first year of swimming the times are awesome and the goals look even better to me. I’ll be happy if I can break the 1:40 mark for any hundred this year let alone being able to hold it for 10 of them. Great progress.

  2. We suddenly got another cold snap after last weekend in Toronto, dropping to a low of -7C. Boo. It won’t be until mid-next week when temperature starts rising again. Have a terrific ride this weekend. Good news on your swim, I’m still struggling to find motivation to swim these days!

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