2013 Race Goals

I had a nice, quiet winter break, relishing in having zero races on the calendar (minus the Houston Half in January) and with no particular goals.  I enjoyed focusing on running during the cool weather and not even dipping my toes in a pool for two months.  I even kept telling David how I was loving “having no races to worry about or train for.” 

But it was only a matter of time until it hit: “I need a race! I need something to train for!”   Of course I went nuts and signed up for a bunch of events.  Luckily my husband is used to the fact that I work in cycles, generally full-blown or nothing.  I’m always working on the balance thing, and it’s still difficult for me.  Regardless, the cycle is now back to triathlon season and I’m raring to go! 

These are some of my planned bike rides and triathlons for the year; there are lots of other races I’m considering too, including a bunch of local runs and bike rides I haven’t listed: 

  • Easter Country Hill Tour: (Mar 29 – 30 in Kerrville, TX) 3 days of gorgeous hill country riding for just $50.  I can’t wait.  We’ll be riding Friday & Saturday as I have a business trip flying out on Sunday, but it should be great.  Friday’s routes offers 50 or 87 miles and Saturday’s are 64 or 101 miles.  I’m shooting for long, though David may not be too happy with me!
  • Real Ale Ride: (May 18 in Blanco, TX) more hill country riding AND good beer.  Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than bike riding and post-ride beer!  I hope to do the 85 mile route, with some family & friends.
  • Capital of Texas Olympic Tri: (May 27 in Austin, TX) I really wanted to find a Houston sprint or Olympic to do in the spring, but some personal events blocked out the Kemah Tri that David is doing in April, plus the CB&I sprint that I did last year sold out before I registered.  So this seemed like a good alternative and good excuse to go to Austin for a weekend! 
  • Sylvan Beach Tri / Jack & Brede’s Sprint Tri / Bridgeland Tri (June / July / August , Houston, TX): all sprint triathlons that I may or may not do for fun, I’ll just have to see how I feel.
  • Alp d’Huez to Briancon (June 29 – July 4 in France): No joke, we are going to ride a stage of the Tour de France!!!  I am so psyched, we booked our trip last week.  It’s been a bucket list item of mine to ride a hilly stage of the tour, so for my 30th birthday year, we’re doing it!  You’ll hear lots more about this trip later, but it’s part of the reason we’re training with some hill country rides in the Spring.
  • Tri Rock Olympic Austin: (September 2 in Austin, TX)  Okay, so this is about the same course as the CapTex tri in May but we’re doing this one with our good friends/neighbors, so it should be super fun.  We had a blast with it last year and it will be neat to see how my times compare one year later. 
  • Oilman Half Ironman: (November 3 in Montgomery, TX) – this is a maybe!  I’d like to do another half, and I’ve heard great things about this local race.

As far as training goes, I don’t really have a set plan; I’m just going by a few rules for now:

  • 2 runs, 2 swims, and 2 bikes per week (including 1 long bike and 1 long run and bricks to start soon!)
  • 2 strength sessions per week , preferably taking place sometime in the day after running or biking
  • Abs once per day (this doesn’t always happen but is the goal)

I’d like to say yoga once per week, but it’s only thrown in when I have time.  I’ve been watching my training hours per week over the past month, and I’m around 9 – 11 hours per week and it feels about right for now.  Yes, I’d love a great training plan or coach, but I’ve been cheap and already have my activities set up: my tri swim team at Dad’s swim club, a running club I plan to join in May, and my company’s cycling club.  So I’ll just go by their workouts and events for now since I’m having fun and seeing improvements still. 

Alright, time to set out my gear for an early morning spin class – goodnight!

4 thoughts on “2013 Race Goals

  1. All those races are planned AND firmed? I’m also most excited seeing you ride Alp d’Huez to Briancon. That’s one heck of an exciting trip – have you ever flown with your bike before? Who knows, maybe you’ll see some elites there on training!

    1. About half of the races are confirmed – I still need to register for the others. I am still jealous of your Gran Fondo, I’m sad I’m missing the one here due to a business trip. Yes, I’m excited about the Alp d’Huez trip!! We’re actually renting bikes there since they have nice carbon bikes that are fairly similar to what we ride. Seeing some pros would be great!

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