4 Tips for a New Bike

I finally got my new tri bike fit and I’m just dying to take it out.  I was waiting for a new special saddle before I got the final fit:


Adamo road saddles by ISM are supposed to be as comfortable as you can get on a tri bike, given your sit bones won’t take the bulk of the pressure like they would on a road bike.  Adamo does a road and racing saddle, and the road is supposed to be a bit more foamy and comfortable.  I’ll report back after I’ve gotten some real mileage 🙂

While getting my fit, the bike fitter had some great recommendations & reminders for new bikes I wanted to make sure I shared:

  1. Register your bike online (if you bought it new from a dealer or online)
  2. Update your insurance policy to add your bike
  3. Use Rubbing Alcohol or Goo Be Gone to remove any stickers or sticky residue on the frame
  4. Use car wax on the frame for UV protection (and maybe for sweat protection and making it easier to keep clean).  I used this stuff below I found at Lowe’s, and later found this post with more info on waxing older bikes.


Onto other matters, we had friends and family in town this weekend and I often get caught up enjoying their company and not worrying about blogging!  I’ll catch up on that later, but the numbers for this week are:

  • Monday – tri swim team 1800m (PM)
  • Tuesday – 3 mile treadmill run + Body Pump (AM)
  • Wednesday – Tri Shop Spin Class (AM) + Tri Swim Team 1800m (PM)
  • Thursday – 4 mile run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch)
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – 9 mi run (AM) + Rock Climbing
  • Sunday – 25 mi bike ride (AM)

You’ll notice we went indoor rock climbing Saturday when Laura & Bryan  (David’s sister & Brother-in-law) came in to town.  It was SO much fun – David even noticed I’d improved since we’d last been (over a year ago) and said “wow, your Body Pump has really paid off!  You can do moves you weren’t strong enough for before”.  I was stoked to hear that!   Rock climbing is something I really enjoy, but don’t manage to find time to do often enough.

No new news for food last week… lots of greens and testing out some granola bar recipes.  Still working to find the “perfect bar”; I’ll let you know when I do. 


2 thoughts on “4 Tips for a New Bike

  1. Every time I see those saddles, I just can’t get over how it looks. Can’t wait to hear how it feels! With the saddle here, when’s the big day to take it out for a spin?

    1. As soon as I can! I haven’t ridden it because I’m waiting to take it on a course that’s fairly straight and closed to traffic (a park about 20-30 mins from my house). I had wanted to take it out on Sunday but it was wet and we rode on a fairly windy loop. I need some practice in the aero bars so I don’t take anyone out! Yeah, those saddles are crazy looking, but anything that is more comfy is worth a try.

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