Kick Butt Week!

After being sick last weekend and taking it easy for two days I’m feeling great!  Maybe buying a bike has something to do with it…


I saw that on Facebook; so true.  Since I was feeling good again this week, I got back into the swing of things and this week looked pretty similar to the rest: running Tues/Thurs/Sat, biking at least once during the week and one long ride on the weekend, plus swimming where possible:

  • Monday: Coldest outdoor swim practice ever!  1800m (PM)
  • Tuesday: 3 mi run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch)
  • Wednesday: 50 min easy spin class (AM)
  • Thursday: 4 mi run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch)
  • Friday: 1800m solo swim (AM)
  • Saturday: 8 mi run (AM)
  • Sunday: 47 mi hilly bike ride (AM)

Our Sunday ride was awesome – 50 miles is a great distance; not too tiring, but you can still push pretty hard be done in time for lunch.  We did the Plane Great Ride hosted by United Airlines in the Montgomery (Texas) area.  I like this annual ride a lot, the only problem is there are some highways with no shoulders and high speed limits.  Some of those drivers are just rude and cut it way too close!  But the area is beautiful; you can get an idea from these shots of the first rest stop that it’s a pretty scenic ride:


I laughed out loud when I saw David’s bike equipped with a mountain of Gu’s for the ride (before & after photos below).  I find it rather gross, but he ate all but one during the ride to prevent bonking.  I, on the other hand ate one Gu, a half peanut butter & jelly sandwich and a handful of peanut butter-filled pretzels, which were much yummier options.  Oh, and my secret “no bonk” trick: a Rice Krispie at the start of the ride.  Sadly for David, he says Gus are the only thing that prevent him from bonking.


Anyway, we had a great ride – I wore my new Betty Designs “Tattoo” kit which I just LOVE (my V-day present from a very good husband!).  My favorite is the “Kick Butt” on the rear.  Y’all would not believe how many compliments I got on the outfit – “that’s a sweet jersey”, “sick kit”, etc.  And of course I eat it up.  I also just love passing boys when I have a cute outfit on – all the better. 


Food at the house was pretty similar to last week – lots of greens in the CSA.  More darn mustard greens… At least we got some kale which I used in pasta and also atop the deer meat tacos pictured below; my cousins hunted deer recently and were kind enough to share some with us – the ground meat was excellent with some spicy taco mix and guac.  I’m also experimenting with waffles, but didn’t have all the ingredients I needed this time around, so they were a bit denser than I wanted!


Hope you had a Kick Butt week, and if not, make this a Kick Butt week!

4 thoughts on “Kick Butt Week!

  1. I LOVE that outfit!! You know, I’ve seen people tape Gu’s on bikes like that before. The 1st time I saw that, it was hilarious!!! Did it leave any tape marks? You’re a machine last week, no rest days? Just go, go, go! Keep it up!

      1. Oh – the sandwich was provided at a rest stop (it was a paid, supported ride), but half a pb&j is a good ride snack, just make sure you have a plastic bag or wrapper that doesn’t leak 🙂 Usually the food I bring for a 50 miler is: 1 Gu, 2 Chewy bars & a Clif bar or similar.

    1. Thank you – I’d been eyeing the kit for a little while 🙂 David uses electrical tape, and no it doesn’t leave marks, just sometimes sticky areas that can be wiped off with Goo be Gone if needed. Well, my rest days were my sick days last week I guess! And some days are easier than others… the spin class I did was more of an ‘easy spin’ than anything.

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