Managing Lunch Time Workouts

So now you’ve seen my morning workout routine, next up I wanted to talk about how I manage lunch time workouts at the office.  Us crazy triathletes often try to squeeze in two workouts per day, so using my lunch break allows me more time to myself in the evening.  I love working out at lunch time because it’s a nice break from work and I get to walk outside to get to my gym, which makes me feel less trapped by the office.  I’m pretty lucky that my work schedule is fairly flexible and doesn’t have strict lunch hours, and my YMCA is only a two block walk from the office.  I completely realize some of this is more difficult if your lunch hours are short and the gym is not accessible.  Either way, here are a few tips that may help or at least give you some ideas:

Minimize sweat when you can.    I like to do workouts that are “less sweaty” at lunch – i.e. strength training, yoga or Pilates.  Every once in awhile weather or other commitments force me to do a lunch time spin workout, and it does take a little more time since showering is involved.

Leave what fitness gear you can at work.  As with morning workouts, I make sure to lay everything out the night before, but it gets old lugging the gym bag around, so I try leave what I can at work and just take the dirty clothes back and exchange them for clean ones.  I also leave my spin SPD shoes (old bike shoes) and an extra pair of tennis shoes at work.  They don’t smell, at least I don’t think so… 


If possible, just rinse or towel off.  If you’re doing spin class or more intense classes, you’ll definitely need a shower (I hope).  But, some workouts like strength training only need a quick rinse in the shower or even just a towel-off plus deodorant; this saves a lot of time. 

Have a few Hair/Beauty Tools.  For you ladies who don’t like yucky gym hair, try a dry shampoo spray; I really like Psssst!  I’ve tried another more expensive dry shampoo from Sephora but Psssst!  is much better and cheaper; I bought my travel size one at Ulta.  Other post-workout helpers include make-up & perfume samples or any make up I bought that I don’t absolutely love or wear every day.  I keep a Bare Minerals powder with built in brush (it works just okay), a blush stick, and random eyeliners/sample mascara. 


I wish I had a better hair secret, but a pony tail is the quickest thing for me.  Occasionally I can pull of a quick braid, but a side-part low ponytail or bun is easy on the run.  Yeah, I feel super douche-y taking a selfie in the elevator, but this is post-Body Pump.


Have a packed lunch handy for post-workout.  My easiest lunch is a sweet potato & cup of cottage cheese, with maybe a side of salad or leftover veggies.  That way, I can just throw the potato in the microwave and eat at my desk.  And if you need a pre-workout snack or granola bar, make sure to pack that too!

Any other tips I’m missing?  I’m always looking to optimize my workout time.

2 thoughts on “Managing Lunch Time Workouts

  1. I’d love to fit in a spin class during lunch. It’s just a 30-35min speed walk for me there HAHAHA! But once it gets warmer outside, I would like to try some of your morning workout tips.

    1. Good for you on getting out at least! Have you considered a trainer for at home? You could probably find an okay one on ebay and it seems like it would go a long way in the winter months!

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