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Ugh, Friday night around 9 PM I was suddenly hit with that itchy throat / achy feeling.  David’s been sick all week, so I think I finally got whatever he had and it hit hard.  I rested all of Saturday and today, so I’m totally bummed I missed two whole days of weekend workouts!  Being sick stinks!

Anyway, sick or not, athletes need rest, and if you’re like me, a good part of that rest is spent on the couch with your feet up.  There’s only so much reality TV you can watch and not feel like you’re getting dumber, so I’m always looking for some inspirational athlete-type movies instead.  I thought I’d share a couple athlete Netflix movies we’ve seen over the past few weeks:

ridedivideimageImage Source

  • Ride the Divide:  This is about an unsupported mountain bike race from Banff, Canada to Mexico – that’s a long way, across the Rockies too!  While I really wanted to like this movie, I was pretty disappointed.  It seemed a few of the racers had left their families for a span of weeks, one while his wife was pregnant, and were more concerned about the race than getting back to their families.  Plus, I thought the filming was a poor and it dragged on a bit.  I was expecting “epic” race battles and some more adrenaline, but it looked like slow, painful touring of hundreds of mile on a mountain bike each day.  Don’t get me wrong, I know it was a challenge, but you didn’t get insight in to any of the training leading up to it and the main character ended up dropping out of the race and traveling with the film crew.  I wasn’t inspired to cross-country mountain bike anytime soon!

  • Hell on Wheels: this German documentary follows a team from the Tour de France.  It’s pretty interesting to gain some insight into the tour and the way the riders live.  It’s not all too glamorous – they’re either biking, resting or getting massaged.  It was also crazy to see how crashes can make or break a rider’s tour experience – there’s such an element of luck involved.  I have to be honest, I didn’t watch the whole movie since I fell asleep, so I would say it’s “just okay” but to watch it if you’re really curious about the tour.

  • First Love: When I suggested watching this, David was more than okay since it’s a girl surfer movie Winking smile  I thought this would be a pretty silly surf movie with lots of bikinis, as many of them are, but was oddly inspired and impressed by these high school girls.  The film is a documentary of the three girls that live in Phillip Island off Australia, where it’s freezing cold water, but they surf all the time anyways and are really, really good.  It shows their trip to Hawaii to meet the pros and see if they have what it takes to go pro.  Yeah, it’s light and a bit of a girl power movie but I enjoyed it.  If they can surf in the cold for their love of surfing, I can swim/bike/run in the not-so-nearly-cold Texas winter!

Anyone else seen some inspirational sporty movies lately?  Or books, I love sporty books. 

Here’s last week’s recap:

  • Monday: rest day… I have a confession to make, I skipped swim practice AGAIN
  • Tuesday: 4mi tempo run + Body Pump
  • Wednesday: 60 min on trainer
  • Thursday: 4mi run + Body Pump
  • Friday: 1700m swim
  • Saturday: sick Sad smile
  • Sunday: sick Sad smile

We got the CSA share I dread last week – TWO things I don’t like: turnips and mustard greens.  I tried to make chips out of the mustard greens, but they browned too easily.  If anyone has suggestions on how to make mustard greens bearable, I’m all ears.  I was able to shred the turnips and use it as a base (with a lot of spring onions & garlic) for a broccoli & cheddar frittata.  It wasn’t too bad with some salsa on top. 


That’s all for today, apart from more resting to get my immune system back up!

4 thoughts on “Sporty Movie Reviews

  1. I’m quite interested in Tour Divide after reading Eat, Sleep, Ride. It’s written by 1 of the riders, Paul Howard, & follows his whole journey on the Tour. I found that book quite inspiring. So I looked at the preview of Ride the Divide. It looked interesting from those few minutes. (that was last yr). Now I’m not sure if I want to watch it! Hope you have a speedy recovery! Is David still sick too?

    1. I hate to deter you since you’ve already read the book! I just thought the whole thing looked slow and painful and was kind of disappointed on the way some of the riders balanced family life and their own hobbies (didn’t mean to be too negative in the review). I did think the vegan rider on the tour who ate lots of dried fruits and pickled things the whole way was pretty amusing. Thank you – David is better today, so hopefully I’m just a couple days behind him!

  2. My partner and I also watched Ride the Divide and I felt exactly the same way. It really dragged on and I was just waiting for it to be over. I would not recommend it, and the only reason I still wanted to go something like that was seeing all the gorgeous views during the video–that kept me watching it =)

    Maybe it’s just the type of activity or event that can work well as a written piece, but it’s much harder to present through film? I haven’t done a tour, but I could imagine that it’s just a lot of peace and quiet with a few moments of something interesting happening? Or, at least, interesting enough that others would actually want to watch it?

    As for Hell on Wheels, my partner watched it and I glanced from time to time. It also seemed boring to me, but he really liked it. But he’s more into that kind of stuff than I am.

    As a side note, he also watched a move called The Ride. Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race) rode across America to raise money for MS charity. Half way through, he got bored with it because nothing particularly interesting happened during the ride. So he thinks it would have been better if they spent more time talking about training and preparing for the ride. Plus, he had a whole garage-trailer and sponsorship and brand new carbon bikes so there was no suspense about what might happen if/when he broke down. AND (sorry–once I asked him to tell me about it he wont stop talking! haha), he crashed because he went across railroad tracks (diagonal) during a storm, going too fast, so it was just stupidity.

    I’d really like to see a GOOD movie about touring one day!!

    Also ~ hope everyone feels better!!!

    1. Thanks – I’m feeling much better after two days of rest! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who got bored watching Ride the Divide – ugh, it looked so painful. Yes — Hell on Wheels was a bit more factual, I can’t say too much since I fell asleep 🙂 I agree, I’d love to see a documentary following an cyclist or triathlete and their training leading up to an event instead of just the event. It gives some perspective.

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