Crank It Up Trainer Workout

Hey y’all – it’s been a busy week at work, but I managed to fit in a bunch of workouts, including an early morning spin (and I mean early, it started at 5 AM!).  My local tri shop offers a spin workout where you can bring in your own bike and they have trainers and a coach to lead you through the workout.   The class was really small, but it was great since the weather was stormy that day and I wouldn’t have pushed myself nearly as hard on the trainer at home!  I know, the trainer isn’t as fun, but I keep telling myself it will be worth it when I’m passing boys on the open road.


The following routine uses heart rate zones in the main set; there are Zones 1 – 5, you can read more on it here.  Calculating your heart rate zones is based on your age, and should probably be done with a max heart rate test, but I haven’t taken the time to do that.  So I’m guessing based on the calculation & my experience that my Heart Rate Zone 4 is about 155 – 165 bpm.   I called this “crank it up” because this is more of a triathlete’s big ring workout than one that you might get at spin class where you’re at 100+ rpm cadence.

Crank It Up Trainer Workout

  • 10 min warm up
  • 6 x 1 min fast spin + 30 sec easy
  • 2 x 8 min in Zone 4, 75-85 cadence + 90 seconds rest between each
  • 1 x 10 min Z4, 90-95 C
  • 10 min cool down

Suggested tunes: Crystallize & Anti Gravity – Lindsey Stirling, Levels – Avicii, Scream & Shout –, Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Blood is Pumping – Voodoo & Serano, Bangarang – Skrillex,  plus anything Tron/Daft Punk or Linkin Park


2 thoughts on “Crank It Up Trainer Workout

  1. I have every intention on getting up in the AM and doing 30 miles with the local cycling group… you have inspired me to make sure I get my butt out of bed 🙂

    and I love love love you play list!!

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