Double Ride Weekend

Hello again!  I’ve been kind of exhausted this weekend, in a good way, and finally summoning the energy to write a post.  I had two great ~50 mile rides this weekend and can definitely feel it.  I had a lot of fun though, and met some new friends to paceline with along the way – group everything is better!

Saturday we met up with my company’s training series for a ride out towards Hockley.  You could do any combination of a 19 mile loop and a 12 mile loop, so we did 2 x 19 mile loops and 1 x 12 mile loop at the end.  We had a fun and fairly speedy paceline to rotate with which always adds some excitement to the ride.  It was pretty darn chilly out at first (30-something) but warmed up so it was nice to stop by the car after the first loop to shed layers.  It was a nice area to ride, but I probably wouldn’t come back by myself since the loops were short and we were attacked by a big dog; I thought I was going to get bit!


On Sunday David opted to go kiting, and I headed to Round Top for the Tri County Hill Hopper.  The drive was pretty far since it’s halfway to Austin, but it’s pretty scenic and hilly out that way.  I met a couple others there and we had a pretty fun ride, even though it was very windy and my legs were screaming on most of the hills.   The stats from Saturday & Sunday are left to right; I’m aware these aren’t super speedy rides, but they had me working.  And now I’m eating as if I’d been starved!


The rest of last week was pretty full of training too:

  • Monday: Nothing.  Rest Day and cancelled swimming because it was too cold outside!
  • Tuesday: 50min spin followed by 1500m swim (AM) + Body Pump (lunch)
  • Wednesday: 50min spin (lunch)
  • Thursday: 4 mile run (AM) + Body Pump (lunch)
  • Friday: 4 mile run (AM)
  • Saturday: 50 mi bike ride with training series
  • Sunday: 52 mi bike ride (Tri County Hill Hopper)

Our CSA brought a cauliflower this week, so no doubt I made cauliflower pizza crust (inspired by Cook Train Eat Race’s & Eating Bird Food’s recipes which are pretty similar) with this delicious homemade pizza sauce.  I think my pizza-loving brother-in-law will find it sacrilegious that I’m using the pizza stone they gave me for Christmas for unconventional pizza crusts like cauliflower and polenta, so sorry Bryan!  But they both tasted pretty good 🙂 


I’ve also been stocking my fridge with all sorts of energy balls lately.  I’m figuring out the ratios so I can start to make these myself on the fly – they’re such great snacks for work. 


And the last thing I’ll mention on food is that if you’re a Houstonian, you really should try Radical Eats – they’re vegan/gluten free and BYOB… their Verde Enchiladas with spicy tomatillo sauce are out of this world!   It’s my fave restaurant as of late, a great way to enjoy Mexican food; so fresh and without lard and obnoxious portions of cheese.  You better believe I devoured this as my post-ride treat!


Ok, back to some much needed couch time and yes, I’m on the Downton Abbey bandwagon and I’ve cried twice in Season 2 so far, and I’m not a TV-crier.  But it’s so good – Cheerio!

3 thoughts on “Double Ride Weekend

  1. You deserve that couch time!! A dog? I’m sure you’re riding faster than it! This year, I want to figure out how to fit exercises throughout the day rather than everything after work. My concern with fitting spinning during lunch (besides the time factor) is I’m ualways completely drenched afterward. I don’t think my coworkers would approve! How do you manage your body pump/spin at lunch?

    1. Oh, the dog was very speedy – he surprise attacked our paceline from the side and scared me quite a bit! Yes – I definitely take a shower and wash my hair after spin class. For body pump I can either towel off or rinse off quickly and I’m good. Maybe I’ll do a post soon with some tips and tools for lunch time workouts! But, yes, I’m an morning workout person all the way – best to get it done first thing.

      1. ah i see, thanks! A post with those tips would be awesome!! I’m so tired of having to eat dinner past 9pm all the time, yikes!

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