Having Fun Cycling in the Rain

Greetings y’all!  I had three days of biking in a row this weekend, which makes for a happy girl!  My Friday & Saturday rides were shorter solo rides, and on Sunday David and I rode with my company’s team.


The first thing we do when we get up for cycling or running is to check the weather, and if there’s a chance of rain or storms, we always check the radar.  The forecast was 30% chance of rain, 70 degrees, and the radar didn’t look too bad, so we decided we’d go.  I guess the weatherman was wrong; during the drive out, we thought, “crap!”  But we were so far out of town at that point, we just kept going.


The start of the ride wasn’t actually too bad, just overcast and windy with a little drizzle – it was a go.  We knew we might get a little rain, so I wore my clear cycling glasses (above), my windbreaker, and it’s always good to have a blinky light on you or your bike.  I’m also pretty conservative riding in the rain and take the corners a lot slower – the Texas asphalt gets slick when wet!


The ride was going great until about mile 15, when we hit the cold front and it felt like someone opened a big freezer door on us!  Seriously, the blast of wind and change in temperature was so dramatic our whole group went “whoa!”.  I think it went from 70 to 50 degrees.  David commented “well, at least we’re only getting drizzled on”.  Ha, soon after, we got DUMPED on.  I mean, we were completely soaked with that water-logged shoe feeling.  The rain was unrelenting and throwing spikes at our faces.  We had planned to ride closer to 40 miles, but cut it short for a crazy, chilly 30 miles instead.  Partly because we were cold, but partly as a safety precaution since we were becoming less visible to cars with all the weather.  When we got back to our car, we threw all the wet stuff in the back, turned the heaters on high and headed home! 

As miserable as it was, I kind of liked feeling hard-core riding in the rain.  Riding or running in harsh weather conditions makes you feel like a badass.  Plus, riding with a group in unexpected conditions always makes for a good shared experience.  You might not remember all those perfect, sunny day bike rides, but you sure as heck will remember the time where you battled with all your  might to get home during a storm!   

 That exhausting ride marked a nice end to the training week (and told me it was time for my legs to rest).  Here are the weekly stats, not including all the naps I took:

  • Monday: Swim Team 1500m (timed 300m at 5:24)
  • Tuesday: 3.6 mi run + Body Pump
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: 3.6 mi tempo run + Body Pump
  • Friday: 50 min bike ride
  • Saturday: 9.4 mi run + 23 mi bike ride
  • Sunday: 30 mi bike ride

I’ve eaten a ton this week, but needed it!   Here are a few favorites for the week.  Clockwise: Miso-Arame Bibimbap with pan-fried tofu, healthy sunflower seed cookies, polenta baked eggs (thanks to this CETR recipe – my hubby loved this dish!), and salmon with sweet potatoes and collard chips.


Stay safe and dry – especially for all of you in the snow right now!

5 thoughts on “Having Fun Cycling in the Rain

  1. Another fantastic training week. You’re unstoppable! Do you workout before or after work? You’re so correct about remembering all the rainy rides. I rode in 3 rides where rain was dumped on. It was the worst feeling (both nerve wrecking & uncomfortable saddle sores!) during the ride – especially one of them, when I was riding solo! Once the ride was over & after a hot shower, it was the best feeling!!!!

    1. Yes – the hot shower afterwards is the BEST! Also lounging around in sweats the rest of the day wasn’t bad 🙂 I prefer working out in the morning, to make sure I get it done. Most of my runs are in the morning, body pump is usually at lunch, and cycling depends whether or not I can drag my husband out of bed early enough. If not, I’ll hit the bike path solo after work.

      1. the MS150 I was in last year was much the same… they tried to get all of us off the routs but ummm I was already wet and wanted to finish so a bunch of us just kept going.

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