New Cycling Gear & First Ride of the Season!

The cycling season really picks up in the spring time here in Houston, so we went out for our very first training ride last Sunday.  We’re part of an MS150 training group through my company, so we have long ride options every weekend.  The route was west of Houston in Brookshire this weekend, where it seems to always be windy no matter what the forecast says.  It was only 55 degrees out, but us Texans consider that cold so we were all layered up. 


We rode from Brookshire up to Monaville, a route with nice wide shoulders – 20 miles out and 20 miles back, done!  I did a time trial on the same road in 2007 with my same bike plus some aero bars.  It’s about the most tired I’ve ever been in one hour, both mentally and physically.  Here are a few old shots from it to shows you what a nice open road it is, with a few slight rolling hills.


Anyway, glad I wasn’t there for a time trial last weekend, just a fun ride! 

During the ride I tried out a couple new goodies, by Betty Designs & DZNuts:


I bought the arm warmers because David lost his and was going to take my old ones that are a tad large so I could buy the new Betty ones I’d been eyeing.  I ordered the Betty arm warmers and of course David immediately found his.  Too bad David, I’m keeping my Betty goods!  They’re super soft and comfortable, don’t slip down my arms like my Pearl Izumi ones do, and have a nice swirly pattern. 


The DZNuts Bliss is a chamois cream.  I’ve only ever used the Chamois Butt’r brand, but when I saw DZNuts for women, I was of course pulled in by the clever marketing and sense of humor – I like the flower made of bike saddles and funny instructions “slowly… methodically… shimmy riding shorts down to ankles (background music optional)”  Um, yeah, it’s never sexy – it’s more like hiding behind my car door in a parking lot when applying.


Ok, apart from the marketing what did I think?  I liked the stuff!  It does have a “minty” feel when you first put it on, so be warned!  But it did seem to have overall less irritation on sensitive skin.  Ok enough on that…

Can’t wait for next weekend’s ride, just crossing my fingers and hoping the thunderstorms in the forecast don’t appear!

2 thoughts on “New Cycling Gear & First Ride of the Season!

  1. I know I mentioned this in your last post, but I’m jealous jealous jealous of your rides! Oh boy, you got carbon wheels? We have MS rides here in Ontario too & I rode in them the past 2 years. What does the 150 stand for – 150miles or 150k? Is it a 1-day ride or split into 2? What a clever logo – the saddle flower. Didn’t notice it until you mentioned it!

  2. No – I wish I had carbon wheels! Those were borrowed at the time – same with the nice aero bars. The MS150 is a 2 day ride, 80-100 miles per day, depending on which routes you take. It’s usually 180 miles total between the two days, so I’m not sure why it was named the MS150 (maybe an old route?). Yeah, the saddle flower is cute!

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