Crazy Sexy Diet Week Eats: Thai Veggies & Tempeh

First swim of the season DONE!  I really dreaded going to the pool this morning.  The worst part is checking for available lanes and then getting in and dunking your head under!  But once I got over the first plunge, I really enjoyed 1700 yards that went by very quickly.  It was so nice to get a little cross training in and add some variety since I’ve been running so much lately.  I didn’t and will never miss the chlorine though.

Back to food, I told you I added a few more recipes to my toolbox, so here are a few I enjoyed:

Thai Veggies & Tempeh

Maple Grilled Tempeh, Brown Rice and Thai Peanut Sauce Veggies


I don’t like exact measurements not because I’m good at guessing, but because I like recipes where I use minimal kitchen tools/spoons and can remember the numbers more easily.  For example, while you can find the full maple marinade and technique on the above link, it’s easier for me to remember: 3T maple, 3T soy, <0.5T rice vinegar plus a couple pressed garlic cloves and sprinkles of Cayenne.

For the Thai Peanut Sauce veggies, I found it interesting to use my dehydrator for an entrée – something I wouldn’t have thought to do.  Honestly though, I’d just cook them on low in the oven next time, because I like my food warmer than what the dehy can do.  This dish made for great leftovers though!

Snack Balls

To ease my inner snack monster I made a bunch of snack balls.  Pictured below are Amazeballs and Molasses Raisin Almond Balls.  The raisin balls were tad sweet for my taste since I used Thompson raisins; I’d reduce the molasses next time.


Amazeballs are pretty easy to remember – equal parts nut butter, protein powder and shredded coconut, and half part maple syrup or honey.  Plus any mix-ins like vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt or dark chocolate chips.  They aren’t quite a cookie replacement, but they get the job done.  I really have a hankering to make these balls next (thanks to Cherry’s flourless cookie extravaganza!) .

And this is no recipe, but does anyone else love Artisana Coconut Butter as much as I do?!  I use it all the time; drizzled on oatmeal, it’s the way to go.  A little goes a long way and gives you a nice healthy fat to add to breakfast. Mmmm….


9 thoughts on “Crazy Sexy Diet Week Eats: Thai Veggies & Tempeh

  1. 1st of all, good job kicking off the swim. I still haven’t gotten motivation to do that in the middle of winter! I’ve never tried Tempeh although I’ve heard of it many times. Does it taste remotely like tofu? Does it have flavour on its own without any seasoning. And finally, you will love those balls. It’s fail-proof. I’ve tried many recipes on her site (including all her types of balls) – I admit to failing on some of them, but NEVER the fudge bites.

    1. Haha, thanks, I was really avoiding the pool for some time, but it wasn’t bad once I finally jumped in. So tempeh takes a little getting used to; tofu is relatively tasteless and tempeh has a more bitter, nutty flavor to me. I try to marinate it before cooking usually. The good thing about it is that it has a much better texture than tofu, doesn’t fall apart, and packs a lot more protein per serving than tofu. Thanks, I’ll definitely try the fudge bites 🙂

  2. That Maple Glazed tempeh looks amazing. That is my favorite lean protein and now I have another way to make it. I’ll make it with either wild rice or MILLET (haha!) and toss in some stir fried vegetables and hope it comes out looking like your picture.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks! Hope you like the marinade. I need some more ways to cook tempeh myself. I’ll have to try wild rice; I have some sitting on my shelf, but haven’t decided what it goes best with.

      1. I make a buffalo tempeh so if you like buffalo wings this is the perfect replacement and may I say the perfect time (Super Bowl) to try them out.

        I use my wild rice in stir-fry as well as just topping it with an egg. Or wrapped in cabbage leaves and then steamed.

  3. Brittany –

    If you check out my Instagram feed you will see that I buffalo’d broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts today. They came out awesome. Now I need to research my Mediterranean countries food and get started on that. How is that coming along for you?

    1. Nice! Is the recipe for the buffalo sauce / marinade posted anywhere? Maybe I missed it; I don’t usually keep bottled buffalo sauce, so I was trying to see if it’s something to make with ingredients I already have. I have some good ideas for my Spanish meal already… just waiting to see what I get in my CSA this week to see what fresh veggies I might be able to incorporate into the dish 🙂 I’m interested to see what you come up with for Malta – a country I know nothing about!

      1. The sauce I make is not posted anywhere but I do use Frank’s hot sauce along with vinegar, tamarin and liquid smoke.

        1 Tbsp of everything except for the hot sauce. Put that into the mix as much as you like depending on your heat level tolerance.

        I bet you could take cayenne and add it straight to the vinegar, tamarin and liquid smoke.

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