San Antonio Riverwalk Tour

I went to school at Trinity University, a pretty small school deep in the heart of Texas: San Antonio.  I still go back to San Antonio often to visit my grandparents who are just outside of San Antonio, but have rarely ventured back into the city since college.  David and I had planned a visit to see my grandparents, and David commented that he’d never been to downtown San Antonio as an adult or seen my school campus, so we made a weekend trip out of it before visiting my grandparents on Sunday. We tried Priceline for the first time and scored a good deal at a Marriott not too far off the Riverwalk.


We high tailed it to San Antonio and got there for lunch on Saturday, and with yelp’s help, stopped by San Antonio’s first (and highly rated) vegan restaurant, Vegeria Vegan.  My secret weapon when dining out in new areas is to go to a vegetarian or vegan restaurant since it almost guarantees fresh food and good vegetables!  We stumbled across their Saturday buffet and filled our plates with foods they’d purchased from the farmers’ market the day before – yum.


Next stop was Trinity U, where there was tons of construction; it was odd to see that the engineering building where I spent most of my time had been torn down and was being replaced.  The campus seemed so much smaller than it used to.  And man, did I feel old seeing all the young ‘uns.  Especially all those guys in skinny jeans, interesting…


Anyway, next top was downtown to be tourists.  Our first stop was of course the Riverwalk, where we did the 35 minute Rio Cruise; it’s less than $9 bucks, so easy entertainment if you don’t mind being slightly squished into a boat with others.  Plus, it’s the number 2 tourist destination in Texas, only surpassed by the Alamo.


Our guide was actually pretty funny and sarcastic; better than I expected from one of these cheesy tours.  Most of the sites were buildings, but we learned quite a few facts and saw the stage Miss Congeniality was filmed on.  It was great to get an appreciation for some of the older buildings and a feel for the city I hadn’t experienced before; when in school nearby no one ever went to the touristy Riverwalk!


We saw LOTS of people drinking margaritas – I was getting thirsty!  Tequila please?  We were meeting a friend at a pub, so no margaritas for me this time, dang it.


Before meeting our friend we strolled back by La Villita, which had really cute art galleries that were unfortunately closed; I’d love to visit them during the day.


We had a great time talking with one of David’s college friends and I found a new beer I liked – Lobo by Pedernales Falls Brewing; I love finding new Texas brews.  Check it out if you see it!

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