Crazy Sexy Diet Week

Phew, after writing all those European travel posts, I feel like I’ve been on vacation again!   I’m so glad you all enjoyed the travels, there will be more recaps to come soon.

Back to real life though; January has been pretty normal around here.  I’m trying to get back into the groove at work, resume a workout schedule and eat a little more healthfully, which you’ll hear more about below.


But first, the numbers for this week, which have been pretty typical of this month:

  • Monday: 4 mile run
  • Tuesday: Body Pump
  • Wednesday: Spin Class
  • Thursday: 4 mile run + Body Pump
  • Friday: Rest Day
  • Saturday: Long run or Body Pump (planned)

 One Crazy Sexy Diet Week

I eat pretty darn healthy in general, but after daily beers with Dad and tons of chocolate-covered macadamias over vacation, I was ready for some clean eating.  I had hear about Kris Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Diet, which includes a 21-day vegan cleanse, not necessarily about weight loss, but about feeling better and treating your body right.   I was instantly hooked and decided I’d check out the book from the library and try it for a few days.  If nothing else, I could expand my recipe toolbox. 


Originally, I thought I’d be all over the 21-day cleanse, but after reading the meal plans were heavily focused on green juice as meals and salads for lunch, I knew it wasn’t sustainable for me.  Nonetheless, I liked the general outline of the cleanse:

  • LOTS of green veggie juice & smoothies
  • Removing most meat & dairy
  • Hydrating more, removing caffeine except for green & white tea, no alcohol
  • Eating gluten free
  • Avoiding refined sugars
  • Exercising daily, practice yoga/meditation often, eating 3 hours before bed, and sleeping 7-8 hours each night

I stayed with the above for one week and felt absolutely amazing the first few days.  My husband even commented my skin was glowing and radiant – a possible side effect of juice – and I noticed I had lots of energy.  I mean, with as much green as I consumed, you would think I my skin might be glowing green!


I was being conscious about my calorie intake and being sure to eat the occasional Clif Bar when biking, but not overeating right before bed like I normally do.  I even managed to navigate happy hour with friends by ordering a mocktail (no one noticed), which was surprisingly tasty.  And I experimented with some vegan recipes that I really liked and will be sharing over the next few posts. 

With all this success, at the end of the week I tried to really stick with the book’s prescribed meal routine.  What resulted were two days of calorie limitations, causing an under-fueled 8-mile run and a very crazy, cranky Brittany (not crazy, sexy Brittany).  Both days that I under-fueled in the morning caused me to overeat later in the day to fight the hungry feeling – no bueno.

In addition to the bonking, I found that the vegan eating felt very clean for a few days, but then gave me some ups and downs because I was eating either too much fruit (sugar), way too much nut butter (fat), and not enough protein, most of which was soy.  I started to feel sluggish and easily annoyed.

This post isn’t intended to be a negative review of the book (which definitely didn’t advocate limiting calories) or veganism, but only to say that I shouldn’t have been listening to any certain diet, and instead should have listened to myself.  Vegan all the time isn’t for me, but vegan/vegetarian meals a lot of the time is great.  What makes me feel my best is balanced, conscious eating of whole, real foods by slowly eating  and making an effort to stop when I’m full.   On the flip side, I need to eat adequate calories before, during and after workouts, so I don’t create a calorie deficit; this only has negatively impacts on my training and makes me a cookie monster the remainder of the day.  To help, one blog I’m reading that has great nutrition info for athletes and women is TriMarni’s blog; she has some fueling tips here.  I’ll leave you with one of her quotes I really like that’s applicable to diet, nutrition, and life in general:

Always aim for progress not perfection

That’s something I need to remember more often.  So no more crazy diets going forward, but still some fun recipes coming up!

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