Day Hikes in Lauterbrunnen

We stopped in the Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, valley of the waterfalls, on the last leg of our 2010 European adventure.  David had visited this area twice (once on a European backpacking trip and once on a Germany/Switzerland trip to visit friends).  We arrived at dinner and took a quick walk around then dined over some Weisse beers.


Our itinerary for the following day was a day hike to one of David’s favorite spots and to visit to the famous Trummelbach Falls. The hike was amazing – pictures don’t even describe.  We started in Gimmelwald, a really adorable town.  I couldn’t help thinking it’s the type of place you’d love to bring kids someday.


The route we took is shown in red below.


Below is the zoom-in.  We took the gondola to Gimmelwald, then hiked up to the Tanzboden area where you can see a peak called “Sharkfin”.  I was tired of hiking upwards and we opted not to do a side trip to the peak, but it’s available.  From there we hiked to Hotel Obersteinberg, a great lunch spot, and then down, back to Stechelberg.


Once we turned the corner around Tanzboden, the views were ridiculous.


I really loved the happy mountain cows with bells.


The most adorable things EVER – baby goats!  These might even be cuter than seahorses; I can’t decide.


We took a break for lunch at Hotel Obersteinberg, a rustic restaurant/farmhouse that didn’t even have electricity.  Be prepared, they don’t speak English, so order “ein beir und rosti, bitte” and you’re good to go.  We dined with other Europeans who were basking in the sun.


Lunch was superb.  A little beer buzz made the hike back down a lot more fun too.  We saw horses and even black sheep along the way.


After the hike we did a quick tour of Trummelbach Falls, a group of 10 glacier waterfalls inside a mountain and a UNESCO  World Heritage site, which were beautiful and worth the quick trip.


Our last day in Switzerland before heading back home was a bit rainy. We weren’t sure what to do, so I consulted my “Rough Guides” Switzerland book. It recommended Glasi Works, a free Glass-blowing museum & tour in Hergeswil just south of Lucerne. We thought, why not?  What a gem it was! We enjoyed the really creative exhibit – lots of moving parts to keep you amused. And the best part was the glass/mirror labyrinth, complete with techno-colors and David Bowie-like music playing in the background! Or were we imagining it?


We had so much fun getting lost in the maze! We had it all to ourselves.  To this day we still talk about how awesome Glasi Works was!  After Glasi Works, we continued on to Lucerne and visited some of the tourist areas, then continued on to Zurich, our final stop before flying home.


Overall, a pretty amazing vacation. The weather and logistics were difficult at times, but we knew to expect that going in. We loved it but decided our next trip would have a few contingency days!  Check out all of the posts for this trip on the Favorites page.

3 thoughts on “Day Hikes in Lauterbrunnen

  1. Hi Brittany. This hike looks amazing. How long did it take? I will be staying in Lauterbrunnen for 5 days with my mom and wanted to do a really scenic hike like this. Thanks!

    1. It IS amazing! I feel like it is a “hidden secret” and really liked the cafe with the locals (but they don’t speak english there!). I would say 2-3 hours up and 2 hours down maybe? I’ll check with my husband and see if he remembers better. Not highly strenuous, but harder than I thought it might be at first.

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