2013 Goals

It’s never too late to set goals.  As promised, here are my intentions for 2013.


Hobbies / Lifestyle – Upgrade blog to self-hosted and blog at least 2x/week, learn DSLR photography & photo editing, and better document life via pictures.  David and I don’t watch too much TV, but thought it would be good to limit TV watching to only specific nights (M, F, Sun).  It could also be fun to join a Book Club (if not in Houston online) and also to re-start the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box delivery.

Volunteerism – Volunteer with an organization like Girls on the Run or with Houston’s Urban Harvest (city gardens).

Travel – Plan a “big” trip to Patagonia & possibly a smaller trip to another international destination.  I’d like to throw in at least one hiking trip to a National Park as well.

Fitness – Try a couple new / different group work outs; I’m thinking CSI, Body Attack, TRX, rock climbing, etc.  I’d like to do shorter, intense workouts vs. long, slow endurance ones.  I also think I have it in me to PR on a half marathon later this year.  As far as triathlons go, I’ve been on the fence about them and the time all three disciplines require.  I’m more excited about other fitness avenues right now and want to continue running & strength training, but I’m not ruling out a few shorter tris.   I might even try kitesurfing again this year, but that’s more of a *stretch* goal.

Some other things on my mind but aren’t necessarily goals are: plan my sister a great Bachelorette Party, get a dog (we’re on the fence!), and decide what to do when our apartment lease is up at the end of the year (home ownership??). 


This year also brings with it a number of fun events, with the big hitters being: my 30th Birthday, my sister’s wedding, and one of David’s best friend’s wedding.  That’s a lot of celebrating – what a great year!

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