2012 in Review

Better late than never… 2012 has been a whirlwind year – it marks the first year of our marriage, was kicked off with a BIG trip to New Zealand, included a lot of cycling and triathlons, and ended with a fun trip back to Hawaii.

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I didn’t take the time to post about my 2012 goals last year, but I did have them written down in a trusty Google Doc.  Here are the results:


  • Date Night Tradition – Achieved!  I haven’t kept record of these on the blog, but mid-year David and I started a monthly date night tradition where on or around the 29th of each month (our anniversary) we’d do a date night.  We switch off turns planning it each month, and we’ve already had some pretty memorable ones: a Spanish Guitar concert at an outdoor theater, a visit to the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Houston Museum of Science, etc.  It’s great fun planning for each other, and gets us doing more “out of the box” activities.  We’re definitely changing this goal into a tradition!
  • Organize Finances – Achieved!  David and I did pretty well on this one.  We use (and highly recommend) mint.com to organize all our finances.  It’s really nice since we started with multiple accounts, which are now easily viewed in one place.  Mint gives you a quick snapshot of spending, budget and net income, and gave us a good idea of what we’re actually saving and spending per month and year.  We’re also starting to work with a financial planner.


  • Complete an Olympic tri (stretch goal = Half Ironman) – Slam dunk on this one!  We both completed an Olympic and  Half Ironman, as well as two shorter sprint triathlons this year.  This was a HUGE goal and accomplishment to make.


  • Maintain strength training 2x per week – Achieved!  I love my Body Pump, and I go every Tues / Thurs.  It’s my favorite workout of the week.
  • Complete a trail run – Missed.  This was kind of a random goal that I didn’t complete, probably something that should be on my “Bucket List” instead.  The opportunity just never presented itself, but I thought it could have been fun.
  • Increase bicycling – Achieved!  We cycled the Houston to Austin MS150 for the seventh time and did a heck of a lot of tri training, so I think I can count this complete.  I have a lot of fond memories of riding through the Texas countryside this year.



  •  Join a Book Club or volunteer activity – Didn’t do it.  I contemplated doing a volunteer even like Girls on the Run – but once again I didn’t complete my social / volunteer goal!  I did look into both these activities, but once I got busy with tris I quickly forgot some of these other goals.

Some unexpected things we did that were not on the original “goals” list:

  • Bought a car (which was very time consuming and our first big financial decision and we are very happy with the result
  • Ran in our first team running relay & won the Corporate Division
  • Completed a half marathon
  • Took a few fun weekend trips to Dallas, Austin and Chicago. 
  • I surprised myself by joining a tri swim team, greatly improving my swimming, and even beating David’s swim time in one race <— forever my moment of glory
  • Traveled on a bunch of international trips for work (London & Perth)

Garmin Stats

I started wearing my Garmin in April, and am not always consistent about wearing it, but for what it’s worth in 2012 I logged: 519 miles running, 1,602 miles biking, and 25 miles swimming over 229 hours of training.  My average heart rate was 146 while running and 129 while cycling. 

Closing Thoughts


I find that I’m unintentionally on some sort of theme each year.  For example, 2010 = hiking, 2011 = running & wedding planning, and now 2012 = triathlon.  I tend to very excited about one subject and dive headfirst into it, wanting to be the best I can be at it.  Triathlon became a huge slice of our time in 2012, and while I loved it and found it to be easily addictive, it’s not the only thing I’m about.  It’s great to be ambitious, but there are also so many other great hobbies and travel opportunities I want to do as well. 

So you’ll see in 2013 I’m striving for a bit more balance and there should be some fun events and travels coming up!

2 thoughts on “2012 in Review

  1. Great recap of 2012! Bryan and I always make a goals list for the year. We did pretty well in 2012, just missed out on climbing a 14er and hang gliding. Guess we will have to do those in 2013 😉

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