Pretty Muddy Womens’ Run Discount

Well folks, I’m back in Houston and it was a stark change in temperature at first!  After a lovely ten days in Hawaii, we arrived at our apartment and quickly realized the heater was broken.  Maintenance came 24 hours later, but in the meantime I was wearing hiking socks and double layers to stay warm, brrr.  To make matters worse, I picked up a cold bug on the tail end of the vacation.  I woke up with a sore throat on the plane and knew it was coming.  No worries though, it’s been three days and I’m almost over it. 

This weekend I’m running the Houston Half, and I’d like to say I’m pumped, but I know it’s not going to be a record breaker, and there’s 70% chance of rain, so ehhh, we’ll see how it goes.  Speaking of the half, I saw this cute Run Houston dry-fit running tee $19 and free shipping at 26.2 Apparel:


Of course I bought one; I gotta represent Houston where I can!  Sadly they’re already out of the cute purple color in my size, but they still had gray.

Pretty Muddy 5k Discount


In other fun running news, I’m part of the Pretty Muddy Women’s Run Blogger Team.  The Pretty Muddy Women’s Run series hosts 5k mud runs around the country that are full of obstacles and are for women only (sorry guys, I did check since I know there are some of you, including my husband, who wouldn’t mind running with muddy ladies).  The run is tentatively coming to Houston in April 2013, and will be in Dallas as well as many other cities that you can see on their schedule.  To get $20 off your registration, the following code will be good through January:


I’ve been wanting to do an obstacle course / mud run, but I’m terribly uncoordinated so this seems like a great no-pressure opportunity!  I’ll keep those of you in Houston informed when the Houston area run is scheduled and check that we’re still able to get a discount for it.

Last Week in Numbers


Vacation coincided nicely with a taper week for the Houston half marathon, so it was mainly hiking during the past week:

  • Monday:  travel day
  • Tuesday: 2 hikes, ~7 miles total
  • Wednesday: 1 hike, ~5 miles total
  • Thursday: rest day
  • Friday: 3 mile run
  • Saturday: 6 mile run
  • Sunday: travel day

After a nice break, I’m ready to get back to the grind!

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