8-Miler Family Run

I'm two weeks out from the Houston Half Marathon which I'm running with my girlfriends Amanda and Caitlin, so I'm still sticking to my half training plan which called for 8 miles this weekend. David thinks I'm a bit crazy for running on vacation, but he's used to it, so he didn't mind too much ;). My parents even decided they would join for the early morning run, so it was a family affair.

We ran on base near Pearl Harbor, and it was nice to be on flat land with the water right there. David and I ran the 8 miles together, at around a 9 min/mi pace, finishing with 8:30's for the last few miles. My Dad ran on his own, and my mom run/walked for 2.5 miles. It's great having athletic parents that like to get out and go! My mom and I mainly ran because we wanted to show off our cute Lulu purchases. I got a white skirt with ruffles that I'm in love with. My mom got a super cute flowy top.

My dad is a sweater so we could barely touch him after the run!

Post-run breakfast was at Orville's on base. We could sit on the patio and even enjoy a rainbow – first rainbow sighting this trip!

Everyone had French toast, except me, since I was craving Hawaii-style eggs & rice. Rice is a pretty common breakfast side in the islands; I like the sticky brown rice. With a little soy, you're good to go.

As we were driving home, we saw another full rainbow. Looks like we may see more today, it's a bit cloudy and misty. I guess it's a good day to pack and plan for our Big Island adventure!



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