Date Night – First Anniversary!

Just one year ago something very special happened in my parents' back yard. Team Breaux became official 🙂

I won't gush too much, but it was an amazing day then, and it's only getting better.

We've been so happy to be back and get to do similar activities “one year later” here in Hawaii. It's fun to reminisce and also crazy to think how time flies by.

David and I wanted to celebrate our one year in a small way, so while my parents were at a party we opted to visit the Kailua area for a date night. I asked for a sunset walk on the beach, and my parents suggested Haleiwa Joe's in Kaneohe for dinner.

We drove to Kailua beach park, but it was already dark by the time we got there. We still wanted to walk for a bit, so we strolled on the beach while the moon was rising… It was definitely a little romantic! The water was warm so we could dip our feet in.

At some point, I saw a glowing dot in the sand. I told David, and then later he saw one too. We think they are actually bioluminescent plankton (little organisms that produce their own light through a chemical reaction). It can make the water glow.

Ok, so we only saw a few dots in the sand, nothing quite like the photo (source) above, but it was still pretty cool. You could wave your finger in the sand and make them move around.

After our lovely and educational beach walk, we'd built up an appetite for dinner, so we drove to Kaneohe for Haleiwa Joe's. My parents had given us a tip to go to the bar instead of wait for a table, which was a great idea since it was very crowded and the bar served great Pupus (appetizers) anyway.

We started out with white wines. My wine, a Sauvignon Blanc from Whitehaven NZ, was excellent. David kept stealing it.

For dinner we shared the Poke Platter. Poke is a raw sashimi (generally tuna) salad marinated with soy, spices, etc., and it's very good, especially if you like things like ceviche and sushi. I've had it in both Hawaii and Guam where it's a very popular island dish.

It was a perfect small meal for two. We absolutely loved the ginger-soy marinade one (top left) and would order it again in a heartbeat. The others were yummy too.

We had a great view of the band and liked the ukulele music. An audience member even got up and hula danced to one song. Haleiwa Joe's is definitely a more local place, which I prefer.

We had a good laugh when I noticed that a picture frame near us had a small clay lizard on it. I went to touch it, and both the lizard and I jumped since it wasn't clay after all, it was real 🙂 He ran away, but periodically peeked from behind the frame for the rest of the meal.

Lastly, we had to order dessert – burnt caramel macadamia nut ice cream with fruit, mmmm.

It was great, but we only managed to finish one scoop of the ice cream mountain.

We ended the night with a quick peek at the gardens below, but couldn't see anything because it was too dark; I'm sure they're lovely though.

All in all, a perfect and memorable night to celebrate a memorable first year. I can't wait for more to come!


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