Pipeline & Pale Ale

Hey dudes! The waves were goin' off at North Shore today, and since there was no wind for the boys to kite in, it was off to Pipeline for some spectating. But first, we sadly said bye to Elise last night since she was headed back to snowy Chicago, brrr! I will miss her.

But the wave forecast was huge, so first thing this morning it was off to the beach! We could tell just on the drive to North Shore that the waves would be big since we could see them from pretty far off. Our first stop was the infamous Pipeline.

Check out the broken board. We all enjoyed watching and photographing. As you can see in the picture below, the waves were just awesome. That's one of the three “waves of the day” that we witnessed.

My photographer enjoying his zoom lens:

After Pipeline, our original plan was to do the 0.9 mile Waimea Falls hike, but upon arrival we realized it was $15/person and a bit of a tourist trap! We opted to skip that one. Hint: the lady at the front desk offered us buy one get one 50% off as we were leaving – if you really want to go, check for the coupon first.

Plan #2 was the Kealia Trail, a little farther west on the island, with a quick stop at The Mokes (Mokuleia) to check out the surf. I always like the contrast of the green beach shrubs, but don't know what they are.

The Kealia Hike is near some glider and skydive outfitters we saw these funky ultralights being flown too.

My hubby and I at the start of the hike (pre-sweat):

The hike is 2.5 miles out and back, with 1600 feet of elevation; it's short, sweet and a good stairclimber-type of workout. It's well worth going in the morning to enjoy it in the shade.

There are some great views on the way, and you can sometimes see whales. I have in the past but not today; maybe the surf was too big?

The hike ends at a picnic table at the top of the hill. We took a break then enjoyed the downhill part. It was already 1 PM by the time we made it back to the car, and we were pretty hungry. We settled on Cholo's Mexican food in Haleiwa. It's surrounded by cute art shops, which is a plus if there is a wait. We ordered our various taco/enchilada dishes, but the best part of the meal was chips & spicy salsa paired with Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale. Yay for post-hike beer 🙂

We finished the afternoon with my new favorite chocolate covered macadamias from First Hawaiian Chocolate – these are the best!! It's hard not to have two.


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