Kailua for the Day

Today started off with a crazy hill run – my typical morning run when I'm home for the holidays. It's only just three miles, but the hills are killer. Elise and my mom also went.

There are some nice views of Pearl Harbor, but once you get to the State Park, it's a very steep loop.

The pictures just don't capture how steep the hills are! I'm on my tippy toes at some points.

After our morning workout, we drove to Kailua beach where my dad and David had been kiting since early in the morning. The water was amazing. The Obamas have a beach house here I believe; shoot, I'd have a beach house here if I could!

I found this cute guy at the beach.

He and my dad were taking a break then were back out for one more session.

I tried to help launch David, but his lines were twisted and some foreign guy had to help.

Dad uses his surfboard without foot straps:

And David likes to jump on his twin tip board:

Pretty beautiful day at the beach. Wished I had a dog to play in the waves (the dogs I saw there were such happy dogs).

After the guys packed up we hit up Kalapawi Cafe and Deli, one of the best lunch spots on the island. It has great veggie options, and they use lots of fresh herbs. I ordered a veggie sandwich with avo, sprouts, carrots, etc. and enjoyed every bite. David had a pizza and said they did a great job on the crust.

Tonight we're going to my parents' favorite restaurant for Cuban food, then I'm not sure what's in store the rest of the week, but I'm sure it'll be good!


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