On a Pontoon

Day 2, and a busy day it's been! Despite the crazy rooster that crows at 1 am, 2 am, and so on, we managed to get a good nights' rest. After a leisurely breakfast with the family, David and I decided to hit the trails for a quick morning workout.

I love that Aiea has its own little Keaiewa Heiau State Park. We decided to do the Aiea loop trail, but didn't realize how long it was (just read it is 4.8 miles and you're supposed to plan for 2.5 – 3 hrs). Two fast hours later our legs felt like jelly.

We loved the somewhat muddy hike, but we were running home in our hiking boots to make sure we were on time for our next adventure, an afternoon on a (rented) pontoon.

The water color was just amazing. We headed to the sandbar (a shallow spot).

The boys brought their kiting gear and had fun playing around.

I was too scared to try kiting again; my nerves always get the best of me, so us girls just enjoyed an afternoon on the boat. Love my cute kiter:

Tomorrow we are headed to one of my favorite beaches, Kailua, so stay tuned!


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