Hawaiian Christmas 2012

Aloha from Aiea, Hawaii! We've only been here 24 hours, and I've already crafted, had my fair share of Kona brews, gone on a 2-hour hike, and spent an afternoon on a pontoon boat…. Sounds like a typical Sanders holiday! Really, my parents are just great at hosting and having fun things for us to do when we get home. By the way, I'm writing this with blogsy on the iPad for the first time, so apologies ahead of time for any formatting errors.

Immediately after getting off the plane, we headed home to prep for a Christmas party where a few of my parents friends would join. I was really excited that Elise, my middle sister was also home for the holidays, but sad that Gilli, our youngest sis, couldn't make it.

The tent (same one from our wedding) was already set up and ready to go.

First order of business was getting some Kona Island Lagers, or Pale Ales or Porters, depending on your taste.

My mom had made beautiful table settings with fresh herbs, per the usual:

She had also planned what we call Tepanyaki, which is a Japanese style grill-your-own dinner. Served with rice, so good!

Once dinner was over it was time for crafting! My mom is superb about getting everyone, even us less artistic ones, involved. This time it was Christmas ornaments:

We painted and bedazzled our first initial anyway we wanted and made them into ornaments. We also enjoyed using Elise's fat face app on every one. Good motivation to go light on dessert!

Lastly, dessert was served, and after the guests left the family exchanged presents around the tree. By that time, David and I were exhausted and ready for bed. Cheers to a great holiday with family and friends!


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