Holiday Update

Last year, I was consumed by wedding-planning and bride-body related worries, so I hardly noticed the holidays, but this year, they’re back in full force.  I love the holidays, family gatherings, and having a decorated tree, but also feel a healthy amount of stress comes with it all.  From gift shopping, to Christmas card writing (<— my un-favorite), to attending numerous holiday parties and consuming lots of sugar and alcohol, I get a little burned out.  Not to mention the fact that work projects need to be wrapped up before vacation starts.  Needless to say, I’ve been having some late nights and eating more poorly than usual. I was pretty aware of what a crappy mood I was in last week, so it was time to do something about it.


I noticed how much I enjoyed clean surroundings when visiting Laura & Bryan in Dallas last weekend.  Their home is always nice and neat with simple, tasteful decorations; they even have a nice rhythm of cleaning the kitchen together.  Since then, my goal has to clean up, and to do it sooner than later.  One night I came home and cleaned and didn’t stop until everything was in its place.  Honestly, it felt SO good to have a clean, de-cluttered house – there’s a certain satisfaction about it, or maybe I’m just a clean freak at heart. 

My goal is that everything should have a home, and if it doesn’t, find one or decide what to do with the object (reuse, recycle, repurpose, trash).  I also found that a quick 5 to 10 minute clean up and de-cultter each morning or evening is totally worth the time!  There were some dumb scuff marks on the wood floor from David’s suitcase.  I kept looking at them, frustrated and thinking how they shouldn’t be there.  Well, duh, the little time it took to clean them was a lot less than the mental time spent being annoyed by them!

And I guess candles, the smell of lavender, and a few new buying plants for your surroundings never hurts either..

IMG_0637 - Copy


I pretty much dropped yoga during triathlon season, but now I’ve rekindled our friendship.  Vinyasa flow has been my favorite style as of late – I love the challenging nature and my cleared mind at the end of class.  The best instructors get you sweaty with lots of flow and movement, throw some core work in, then end with stretches like hip openers and a pleasant Savasana. 


Run, run, run as fast as you can!  Really, thank goodness for running to at least keep me maintaining my fitness for now.  I’m loving that my friend and neighbor is more than willing to join me at 5 AM for 4-mile runs on Tues / Thurs – having a workout buddy is great and keeps me accountable!  I find morning workouts are the best for me; if I plan for an evening workout, there’s a 50 /50 chance whether it happens or not.  Something always comes up, or I’m tired, or the weather’s bad.  First thing in the morning I can’t make excuses Smile    And if you haven’t noticed, I’m a complete Body Pump addict- twice a week, baby.  If you’re in a bad mood or rut and need some endorphins, go to Body Pump!!  You’ll feel happy and strong, I swear.

Anyone else have tips for holiday stress? 

We’re headed home to see my parents in Hawaii soon, so I’m pretty sure any remaining stress will melt away once I’m on the beach!

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