Dallas Arboretum

While we were in Dallas last weekend, Laura & Bryan were kind enough to think of some non-athletic activities to keep us busy but keep our legs rested the day before the half marathon.  After grabbing lunch and hitting the race expo, we headed towards White Rock, a really beautiful area of Dallas, to stop at the Dallas Arboretum.  Right now, the Arboretum is hosting a Chihuly exhibit, and it looks like there’s only 15 days left, so it’s definitely worth a quick trip if you are in the area and haven’t been.  Note – expect to shuttle in on busy weekends like we did, not a big deal, but adds a little time to your trip.


We enjoyed walking around the exhibits and seeing all the crazy glass works.  We kept thinking – if you were skydiving, wouldn’t this be the worst thing to land on?!


One of my favorite parts… lots of varieties of Kale!


Some more glass works:


We tried a cool jumping shot, but apparently I wasn’t in sync with L + B. 



Who, are super photogenic, I might add.


My photos, on the other hand, are of me kissing a floating head in a bush…


Couple shots!


The Arboretum would be an excellent spot to bring a picnic/wine for a date night and enjoy the lake views.  Just try not to photo bomb all the bridal shots taking place too much!

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