Thanksgiving 2012

Phew, Thanksgiving just flew by and it’s already December.  I’ve been a really horrible blogger and didn’t bother with pictures over the holiday, but it was a really great holiday with the Breauxs once again.

Like in 2011, we spent it in The Woodlands, and started it out with the GE Run Through the Woods 5 miler.  I wasn’t sure if I felt like running hard that day, but at the start of the race, David told me “just make sure you negative split” then left to move forward and run his race fast.  So I couldn’t back down from the challenge.  As with all turkey trots, everyone sprints out, then slows later.  I found myself running fairly fast the first mile, at 8:40 min/mi, and just kept decreasing from there.  I ran a really good race [for me] and ended just SIX seconds slower than in 2011 at just under 41 minutes.  Really?!  Oh well, this year I’m not training like I did last year with sprints and hill work, so I’m actually pretty pleased with my time.  David had a good run, also a bit slower than last year.  And oh yeah, I got the WORST photo on this race – am I swallowing a bug or eating a lemon?  And my legs look gross.


I got a slightly better one later, but still nothing to buy!


After the run, we headed home to do some last minute cooking / packing, then we were back up to The Woodlands to celebrate with David’s family.  We moved  Thanksgiving to Friday to fit everyone’s schedule.  Friday morning started with a brisk bike ride (brr – the chilly weather really made it feel like Thanksgiving).  Since none of us were into the whole Black Friday thing, we opted to see the new James Bond movie, which was actually pretty good.  Then we ended the day with dinner, where everyone made a dish to make things easy.  That’s the best way to have Thanksgiving – low stress and everyone helps out!  My dish was ginger-coconut sweet potatoes again this year; I love the unexpected flavor combo.  The dinner was great, but I left too full, like most of us.  I was happy to work some of it off with a 10-mile run the next morning 🙂


The weekend ended with my very first Texas A&M football game; my husband, sister-in-law and her husband all attended Texas A&M at College Station, so the whole family are huge fans.  We headed out to the game early to get our spots.  There were tons of tailgate parties!  We had our own little one on the back of the Explorer.  I was really glad a Aggie co-worker had purchased me an A&M t-shirt since EVERYONE was in maroon. 

photo (7)

  Laura and Bryan tried to photo bomb this one, but they ended up looking like a chorus line behind me Smile

photo (8)

I was taught how to cheer yell.

photo (7)a

David tried to shotgun a beer and it was hilarious, since he didn’t think through the fact that he doesn’t really know how to shotgun a beer. 


During the game, crowd really was loud and lived up to “the 12th man” name.  Unfortunately the game wasn’t a nail-biter.  It was rather slow actually, since A&M was beating the other team so badly.  We enjoyed sausages, popcorn and hot chocolate during the game to keep warm, and by the end I was chilled and ready to get to bed.

So that was all for the 2012 Thanksgiving Festivities… when I returned home I realized I still had a decorative Fairytale pumpkin in our house from Halloween.  I wasn’t sure how long they lasted, so it was time to roast it.  Little did I know this would make SO much pumpkin puree.  Seriously, this thing was thick and fleshy, and made 10+ cups.  That only meant one thing: Pumpkin baking extravaganza!!  I spent a few hours on Sunday cooking pumpkin goodies.  These were the winners (only one recipe was trashed, and one batch of muffins was just okay – too healthy tasting, so I won’t share the recipe):

  • Pumpkin Butter
  • Pumpkin Spice Granola – SO good; I had to give it away to stop eating it.  Pretty healthy with no oils or refined sugars either.  Clumps nicely.
  • Pumpkin Butter Oat Bars – I used the pumpkin butter to make these.  They taste like pumpkin pie Lara Bars, if there were such a flavor.

And now I have to finish packing – I’m off to London this week to freeze my buns off! 

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