Taking a Breather

I’ve been away a bit taking in a much needed deep breath.  Like I said in my last post, I did a 180 from triathlon mode, and have been enjoying the mental and physical break from training.  It’s amazing how much time you have on your weekends when you’re not doing 4 hour bricks and massive amounts of laundry.

So with that extra time, my focus lately has been in the kitchen and garden.  I don’t know where I read up on her, but I’ve been slightly obsessed with Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin.  She’s a professional athlete, urban farmer, and cook – my dream life right there!   I would love to have garden; 7 beds (1 kale, 1 greens, 1 herbs and others seasonal), plus citrus & fig trees and 5 chickens!   Unfortunately an apartment balcony won’t support all that so I have a ways to go.  And don’t worry, I’m not delusional and clearly realize I won’t be a professional athlete ever, but a girl can dream, right?

After reading about Natalie’s garden where she gets fresh salads after practice, I replanted my “winter” garden since most of our peppers and summer herbs were on their last leg.  I decided to make my first attempt at greens  – kale and collards (so excited!!  really hoping to get at least some small salads).


I don’t have a huge garden, just the pots below and some balcony containers above them, but I really enjoyed spending a few hours replanting and organizing it.  I love getting lost in a hobby.  In addition to the usual oregano, thyme and rosemary that grow quite well in most conditions, I added some winter herbs – a celery herb, dill, a new type of mint (since the squirrels ate the last one), and a few new flowers.  The older and very knowledgeable gentleman at the plant shop reminded me that “herbs need a haircut every so often”, so I gave the remaining ones a nice cut and displayed the trimmings on the table in ball jars & pottery; I thought it came out cute:


I’m also going through a fashion/beauty stage – blame it on months of sweat, ponytails and spandex, but I’ve been crazy with girly stuff on pinterest, youtube videos on online shopping.  Still working on the cascading diagonal braid…


Other than that, I’m still running pretty often, at least 3-4 times a week, plus some form of strength training like Body Pump.  I also branched out and did TRX pilates today.  I really enjoyed some parts of the class and loved the balance my muscles had to sustain, but I didn’t enjoy all the time we spent on our wrists; they didn’t feel great after.  So I might go back and try a different instructor soon.  Ok that’s all for now, bye!


6 thoughts on “Taking a Breather

    1. I know, I would love a huge garden with lots of greens! Yes, it was my first time on the TRX. I loved some of the exercises, but just wish there weren’t so many where we held ourselves on our wrists (for someone at the computer all day, you have to be really careful with your wrists). I’m going to try a different instructor too, I know there are a lot of different ways to use it. I like the idea of having a TRX for travel, but just have to make sure I really like it first. How do you use your TRX? Mainly at home with your own routines?

      1. I wish TRX’s had been around when I ws a serious athlete! I don’t use mine at the house because our doors are either hollow or glass, so I just use it at the gym. When I was in Fl, the naval station had a TRX area right on the ocean, it was amazing! I usually do circuits where I count reps instead of time based because I’m getting back into shape. I’ll switch it up as I improve. Mine came with some workout books, so sometimes I do their workouts and sometimes I make up my own. I did a few beginner classes in FL, but just on my own here.

  1. I’m glad you enjoying a nice break from the rigors of triathlon training! I am always amazed how much free time I have when I am not on my bike/running all morning! Sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself with all the free time (which probably means I need more hobbies). Your hair looks really cute!!

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