Changing Gears, but Not on My Bike this Time

It’s been a little while since I’ve written, and I think it’s because I’m changing gears a little.  The Half Ironman was a great goal to achieve, and I was toying with the idea of a full, but since then a few things caused me to re-think my goals…

Overuse: I swam over 2000m one day (long for me) and felt a “cha-chung” in my shoulder, almost like it popped out of place for a second.  It scared me, but I didn’t think much of it until it bothered me again while swimming the following week.  I’m pretty sure of the cause – bad form by dropping my elbow at the beginning of the catch.  Since then, I’ve stopped swimming, and it’s been a few weeks, but I notice my shoulder still doesn’t feel right while doing Body Pump or yoga.  So I’m backing off, and if it continues after a month I’ll see a PT.  I think this is really good for me, actually; I was headed toward a tri burnout and some offseason is much needed.  Plus, it’s getting cold and I have a hard time getting in the pool or on the bike when it’s cold out – so running season it is!  I love a brisk morning run in the 50’s, and it’s a joy to just concentrate on one sport and ease back on the workouts.

Wanderlust: I travelled to Perth, and loved it.  It ignited a little bit of wanderlust within me and reminded me of my younger 20-year old self that just couldn’t wait to see new places.  I’d dismissed some travel opportunities this past year because it got in the way of training, so Perth was a good wake-up call.  It reminded me that life’s short and there needs to be some adventure, not just round the clock training – which I can be guilty of.

Balance:  In backing off my workouts, I’ve found some extra time I can fill with other passions – I forgot my love of clean food cooking and can’t stop making healthy staples I haven’t had for some time: juices, kale chips, home-made granola bars, and lentil soup were just a few ways I dirtied up the kitchen this week.   I really want to do some yoga, but I’m waiting on the shoulder issue mentioned above.  I’m also ready to re-connect with my girly side and do some shopping, both clothes and things for the home.   And lastly, work is picking up in a really good way.  I have some challenging projects that are sending me to London again in December and possibly back to Australia in early 2013.

So that’s how I’m feeling in a nutshell.  Ready to rest and reset.  David and I are still doing a couple half marathons in the next few months, but I don’t think either of us have grand goals of PRs this time around.  We’re ready to spend some fun time on vacation and with family.

4 thoughts on “Changing Gears, but Not on My Bike this Time

  1. Thanks! I’m hoping it heals quickly too, I really was enjoying swimming. It’s not too bad though, since the tri swim team I’m on does a 3 month winter break anyway, so I’ll rest & work on strength in the meantime.

    1. I just got up the post with our analysis of your swimming footage. I think when you get back in it is going to be really important that you focus on your recovery so it isn’t so wide. We included a few drills in the post for you to think about.

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