Swan River Running Tour

Whew, 34 hours, 3 movies and 1.5 books later and I’m in Perth, which is literally on the opposite end of the planet from Houston. I’ve only been here a few days, but it reminds me of New Zealand: green, lots of water, good food, and quiet yet many active people outside.

I’m traveling with my boss and a colleague, and we landed around noon Sunday, and got to our hotel shortly after. I knew I’d have to get out and do something to stay awake, plus I’d missed my normal Saturday long run, so a long-ish run it was. My hotel is right on the Swan River which runs through Perth, and it has a great pedestrian/bike path that follows it for miles. The view from my room:

I quickly unpacked then got my running gear on, to avoid potential procrastination and napping.


The trail was just a 1-minute jog from the hotel.  My pictures won’t do it justice, but it was a really beautiful run; being on the water made it relaxing.

Perth is fairly close to the ocean, so you can smell the saltiness in the breeze.  The weather was great today; warm and breezy but much cooler in the shade.  Sweaty mid-way pic: 

I ran 3 miles out, mainly to force myself to go back 3 more miles and get 6 total.  I had also spied what looked like windsurfers in the distance.   Turns out it was mainly sailboats, but still a pretty spectacle. 

I stopped at the half way point to stretch in the shade, and wished I were the girl lying in the grass.  But I knew if I laid down it napping would be certain, so didn’t even tease myself with it.

I’m going to be honest, the 6 miles was verydifficult and felt like a tough brick where I’d eaten the wrong food beforehand.  Traveling plus airplane food doesn’t prep the body well for running; I don’t know how all those destination triathletes do it.

Post-run I noticed that even with using 70 SPF and only being outside for an hour, I had little tan lines.  The sun is fierce down here!  Looking back on the city or CBD (Central Business District):

Perth is pretty nice so far – a very “liveable” city!  I ran again this morning and was blown away by the number of cyclists out and about.  The weather is Californian, with some wind.  The only bad things are the high cost of living and remoteness.  Ok – off to dinner.  More Perth updates soon!

6 thoughts on “Swan River Running Tour

  1. Interesting Blog…. Perth is really a awesome place to see as well as doing Swan river cruise.Whenever i will be free i will definitely visit Swan river as the images represent how beautiful this river is……Thanks for sharing this post with images.

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