An Iron Decision

This weekend is pretty great; I had a beautiful but warm fall run with my running group Saturday morning.  I talked a lot with girl friends and the 6 miles flew by at a fast speed (sub 9 is fast for me!) – always a nice way to start the day.  David and I were actually signed up for Ten for Texas Ten Mile run for that day, but we decided against racing it and just went with our running group.  Yes, it’s frustrating to DNS, but it was the right decision.  We need more short, fast miles than anything long.  There are still a few lingering aches from the Half IM (David’s calf is giving him trouble) that don’t need extra strain.  Today (Sunday) we joined a local bike shop ride for 30 miles through the city – short but speedy.

So about the Ironman question… after a lot of debate and discussion between David and I, I’m holding off signing up for IMTX 2013, but instead I’m going to get a few more Olympic and 70.3’s under my belt this year.  THEN, if I still want to do a full IM, I’ll sign up for IMTX 2014!!  I’m pretty psyched.  And if I do it, David will probably join.  And my Dad might think about it (could be cool, but no pressure Dad!).  I think it will work perfectly and give me another year to get triathlon experience as well as a lot of base training time for a full.  An Ironman in just 7 months knowing that we already have travel commitments is a bit much.

In further exciting triathlon news, I’m getting a tri bike!  I’ve had my road bike, the Look 486 for 6 years now, and she’s still a great bike, but it’s kind of exciting to get a new toy!!  I have to give a little ode to the Look.

Riding in the Hill Country & Racing in the Houston Grand Crit:


At the Texas State Time Trial & the steep hills near Leakey, TX.  Unfortunately those were a lot of borrowed wheels and aren’t mine, darn:


And in many a MS150 and my first tri!

My only problem is choosing, since there are way too many tri bike options out there but nothing super unique.  I’m leaning towards the 2012 Cervelo P3 or an ebay bike that catches my eye; my plan is to get a good deal on an older model and upgrade the wheelset for some more aero wheels.  Anyone have a tri bike they absolutely love and recommend?  I fit most men’s and women’s bikes.

Lastly, this week’s numbers are getting back to normal:

  • Monday: 2200 m swim, Body Flow (yoga)
  • Tuesday: 4.25 mi run, Body Pump
  • Wednesday: 17mi interval bike ride, 2000m swim
  • Thursday: 3.85 mi hill run, Body Pump
  • Friday: 2600m swim
  • Saturday: 6.4 mi run
  • Sunday: 31 mi bike ride with Bike Barn Ride Group

Totals: Swim 6800m, Bike 48mi, Run 14.25mi, ~11 hrs

Now it’s time to get ready to carve some pumpkins!  We’re having friends over for pumpkin carving & pumpkin beers Smile  We did this a couple years back and it was a hit.

4 thoughts on “An Iron Decision

  1. Sounds like a good plan! Ironman will always be there. I think that’s so cool that your husband will do it with you – that will help A LOT as you will be on the same type of schedule and you guys can train together so you are not missing out on quality time together. I have a Quintana Roo Tri Bike…but I’ve had a hard time adjusting from road to tri bike (mostly because I’m wimpy) so I don’t ride it near as much as I should.

    Also, Buffalo Springs 70.3 in Lubbock would be a great 70.3 to do if you are thinking about an Ironman. I joke that it’s really 3/4 of an Ironman because the course and elements (wind, heat) are so tough. I think if you can do that race, you can do an Ironman 🙂

  2. Thanks – and I might take you up on your offer to check out an IM training plan, etc. someday! But for now I think it’s good to get some more base miles and hold off on the stress of a full. I have the same concern on adjusting to a tri bike – I hope I can eventually enjoy riding one since I’ll spend a lot on it! Yes, Buffalo 70.3 is on my radar, plus Galveston 70.3 and the Oilman; I wouldn’t do all of them.. just one or two 🙂

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