Saddle Up

Thanks for listening to my Ironman indecisiveness– I’m sure you’ll hear more later, but it’s Thursday and I have a fun weekend ahead of me that involves a brewery and pumpkin carving, so no more worrying.  In the meantime, here’s some bike talk.

I’ve had the Specialized Toupe for about 4 years and liked it, but was starting to get mild discomfort.  I knew it was a men’s saddle, but didn’t realized it was the most narrow one possible (130 mm saddle width) until shopping with David.  David just bought a 145mm saddle width and likes it, so figured I should be riding something wider with my female hips.  Plus, I was ready to make some small adjustments in my bike, just in case it improves my hip/glute muscle issues.

Many bike shops have a device that you can sit on that makes indents where your sit bones hit and can thus measure your saddle width.  It’s a padded thing, kind of like this (source):

Weird, I know, but it works.  I sat on the device (slightly awkward) and I found out I should be riding a 150mm size – two sizes up!  The guy at the shop also recommended a women’s specific saddle since it’s a little shorter in the nose and has a wider cut out.  It’s hard to tell, but the Ruby’s on the left and the men’s Toupe saddle on the right.


I ordered it two weeks ago, but didn’t want to change it out right before the Half IM, so I changed it out and I really like it!  It took a couple rides and adjustments to get it to the right position.  It feels odd after riding a narrow saddle for all these years, but fits my sit bones much more nicely.   Apparently I have uber wide sit bones, even though I consider myself a medium frame.  So moral of the story, much like the time I found out my bra size was wrong: get fit!

3 thoughts on “Saddle Up

  1. Belated congrats to both of you on a stellar finish!!! Pretty amazing really. 🙂 I look forward to hearing what you Energizer bunnies are up to next.

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