A Pumped Up Playlist & Post Half Ironman Thoughts

I’m no music person, but this made for a pretty good “get pumped” playlist to listen to on our way to the Kerrville half ironman.  For the remainder of the race I had Tron, Dragula, and Good Charlotte in my head.  I think it kind of helped!  It got me over the anxiety and put me into the Bad-A* mode.


So I’m finally coming down from my Half Ironman high, and I guess it’s time to write down some of my thoughts post-HIM.  The race was a great accomplishment and life goal; a year ago I wouldn’t have though I could have completed it.  I’m so happy I did it, and kept re-living the flood of emotions I felt at the finish line.  It was also pretty special to have David there. 

Do I want to do a Half Ironman again?  Yes – I think I can do it faster.  But what’s more is the idea of a Full Ironman is nagging at me.  Badly.  I know kiddos are on the horizon, and I’ve always joked about “Pre-Preggers” goals, which I don’t have a ton of time left to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to having kids eventually and sharing that experience with David, but when I do, I fully expect and want my life to center around them and not me, so if there’s any “big” stuff I want to do, I need to do it now.  Most goals I’ve joked about are attainable yet not as desirable due to cost and vacation time (Ride a stage of the Tour de France, climb one of the Seven Summits), so I’ve been at war in my head on what I really want to do over the next year.  A Full IM could be pretty cool, but comes at a cost.

Reasons to do a Full IM in 2013:

  • Most people say if you have a goal before kids, DO IT NOW.  The Ironman seems like one of those things that will slip and never be done later.  The training time is huge, and not very conducive toward raising a family.
  • Work is not very stressful right now, and I have tons of time on my own while David works.
  • IMTX is in my backyard and registration is still open
  • I have the triathlon bug and it would be a fun milestone for my 30th birthday

Reasons not to do a Full:

  • I only have so many years of enjoying time with David by ourselves, and do I want to spend it drenched in sweat?
  • 24/7 training can make me too serious/intense… I tend to lose balance and could miss out on other fun things (hiking, social, taking it easy, etc.).
  • IMTX is only 8 months out and I’d have to train through the winter for a possibly hot race
  • Other fall IMs are already sold out or require IM Foundation slots + travel cost
  • After you do a full, what’s next? <— David’s reasoning

Why do I feel the need to do a full?  A lot of it centers around the fact that I have tons of spare time right now and need a goal.  I guess I think it could be a fun goal, and I honestly enjoy planning training and crossing workouts off my list.  I also like watching my fitness improve through training and generally like endurance events.  I just don’t want to go crazy with it like so many do.  It’s tough, there are a lot of other cool things you could spend the time on if you don’t invest it in 15 hours a week of working out… or even just all the cool shorter distance tri’s I could have lots of fun with.  What  do you think – is the Full worth it? 

8 thoughts on “A Pumped Up Playlist & Post Half Ironman Thoughts

  1. I’m looking for some new songs for my pre-marathon playlist so got some good ideas from yours 🙂

    I’ve done one Ironman – and it was totally worth it and an experience of a lifetime – BUT it’s highly unlikely that I will do another one. Mainly due to the time commitments, high costs involved and to be honest the huge chunks of time it took away from my husband and friends. I will say at times Ironman training consumed me and that’s all I could focus on…I wasn;t always very pleasant to be around. You really have to be selfish with Ironman training – there’s not a lot of wiggle room with missing workouts and training literally consumes your life (and when you are not training you are too tired to do anything else). I can’t imagine training for an Ironman with kids (but people certainly do – you would have to have a very understanding spouse).

    I do think that Ironmans become very addicting and you have to be careful not to get sucked into it. When you commit to something like that a year in advance and it comsumes all of your time, sometimes it’s very hard to step away. The Ironman culture can really suck you in, and I really had to take a step back and remember that is was a hobby!

    Wow, sorry, I’ve written a novel. Bottom line: it was something I NEVER thought I could do, but did and really learned a lot about myself. I enjoyed every moment of race day but training was HARD. I’m glad I did one, but won’t make a habit of it.

    Good luck with your decision!!

    1. Thanks for such an honest answer, Erin! It sounds like one of those experiences or challenges where you’re so glad you did it, but don’t necessarily want to do it again. I think you nailed my concerns – not being pleasant to be around, being tired to do anything else, and getting too addicted (I can easily get addicted to certain goals!). Sounds like an amazing experience but it just comes at a cost. Now it’s just decisions, decisions….

      1. I did get a coach (The Ironman is the only event I’ve gotten a coach for, but I felt like I was in over my head and needed some guidance). My coach was actually a friend who has his USAT certification and does several Ironman’s a year…he was kind enough not to charge me so that helped. My plan was a 6 month plan. I did Ironman CDA at the end of June and starting training at the end of January. He had me doing some base building in the winter but going into training I really had not spent much time on my bike as I had been doing a lot of running throughout the Winter. If you don’t want to hire a coach, there are plenty of plans/books out there that you can utilize. I guess the benefit of a coach for me was that it held me accountable, and I was able to receive feedback and guidance from someone who can completed the distance before. I would say you already have a good base coming off of HIM training. The biggest difference between training for the two really comes in the time you spend on your bike. Most Saturdays I was on my bike for a 3-5 hour block, followed by a 1-2 run afterwards.

    2. Thanks – hope you didn’t find me rude asking; a coach would be awesome, but seems expensive and so I’m wondering if they are worth it. You had a great deal! I’ve also seen lots of plans on the internet (even free ones) so that’s an idea too. Nice to know on the bike training time being the key difference.

      1. Not at all! I definitely didn’t have the money to fork out for a coach so if my friend had not offered, I would just have grabbed a plan from the Internet. There’s plenty of information out there. I am happy to look over any plan if you have any questions!

  2. Scratch that itch. Its hard to get rid of that feeling once you start to feel it so why not try for it while you’re in good health and don’t have kids running around? It will certainly be a great accomplishment and not one you will regret because who regrets racing and achieving goals? A big plus is the fact that the race is in your backyard and still open but do make certain it is the right race for you. I would also highly recommend considering Rev3 and HITS as well. I know I have the itch to do a Full as well, its a matter of timing for me. Good luck with your decision!

    1. Haha, thanks Jacyln 🙂 It’s a tough call! You’re right, part of me screams why not, but then part of me says, there are a lot of other cool things you could do with your time… ugh, if only I knew what to do! And thanks for the tip – there is a HITS full in Texas, but it’s even earlier than IMTX.

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