Recovery Week & Piriformis Update

Recovery this week has been better than I expected.  Don’t get me wrong, I was really sore, but I took two full days off then eased into working out again with three swims and lots of foam rolling and using the tennis ball.  So thanks for all the foam rolling advice, it’s helping!

Before the Half IM, I wrote how I was concerned about my Piriformis acting up.  During my third and last ART session two weeks ago, I showed the chiropractor where I was tight/sore, and he said it was the Gluteus Medius/Minimus, not the Piriformis.  He worked the Gluteus Medius for awhile, and I came out of the session hurting.  I think he may have bruised it – maybe re-injured it so it re-heals?? I don’t know.  Either way, it hurt for a few days, then finally went away.  It never acted up during the race.  I think the ART was okay and might have helped a little, but I still honestly think that rest did more than anything.  

I also believe that I never really had Piriformis Syndrome; I think it was the Gluteus Medius, since it was more of a pain on the side of my hip. I read this article discussing how Gluteus Medius pain is often misdiagnosed as Piriformis Syndrome, since the Glute causes referred pain that spreads to the butt and down the leg.  The author suggested using a tennis ball or similar tool to massage that “trigger point” on the hip.  So since the Half, I haven’t had any pain, just a little tightness, so I’ve been laying sideways on my bed with a tennis ball on the side of my hip/butt and massaging it.  Being on the bed really helps, the floor is too hard.  Yes, it hurts, but I feel that the tennis ball is working just about as well as ART did, or even better since it isn’t bruising me.  As of today, I ran and biked this weekend without any issues Smile  This week’s numbers:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: 1800m easy swim, core
  • Thursday: 2100m swim (400w/u, 200 kick, 200 drill, 4×50 build, 3×300 descending, 200 c/d)
  • Friday: 1900m swim team, core
  • Saturday: 7 mile run, core
  • Sunday: 30 mile bike ride (steady), Body Pump

Totals: 5800m swim, 30 miles biking, 7 miles running

Swimming is feeling great; I went early last Friday morning, started in the dark and finished as the sun was rising.  It’s a wonderful way to start the day! The 7-mile run was a little much, but I was enjoying chatting with some girl friends from running club and didn’t want to cut it short.

I’ll leave you with a shot of my favorite recovery food of the week, and favorite comfort food ever – my Mom’s Szechuan Chicken I made.  It’s marinated chicken stir-fried with green onions & cashews over rice;  I also like to add broccoli to get some greens.  I can never make it as good as she does – why is that?  Guess moms always add a little love.  


2 thoughts on “Recovery Week & Piriformis Update

  1. Your post was just what I needed to read today :). Thank you for sharing your ART experience! I was feeling a bit discouraged after mine, but you’re right – maybe they need to re-injure the area so it can re-heal…makes sense. I am anxious to see how I feel after a few days. For $100 an hour I sure hope I get something out of it 🙂 Nice recovery week, and well-deserved. Swimming is always my favorite way to work out soreness!

    1. Great, glad I could make you feel better! Yeah, I don’t know why they have to make it so sore, but I’m sure it will heal soon! I’m still skeptical about the ART, but it didn’t seem to do any harm. Just probably not something I will do unless I really need it.

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