Treat Yo’self (Post-Half Ironman Bliss)

I knew we’d be tired from the Half Ironman and not want to drive all the way home to Houston, plus it was time to “treat yo’self”!  (Any Parks n’ Rec fans?) So a few months prior, I’d booked an early bird deal at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop.  It would at least break up the drive and give us a chance to relax.  We had no problem taking Monday off work for some resort time.  Let me tell you, taking a day off and hitting a resort following a destination race was the best idea ever!!   The rest of the world will be working so you’ll have the place to yourselves to relax.

After our triumphant finish at the Half, David and I grabbed some beef tacos with pickles at the finish (served on low carb tortillas – seriously?) and ate a small bagel.  I didn’t feel like eating much more, but downed the most delicious coconut water ever that was waiting in the car.  David even proclaimed “this tastes like heaven”.  I’m not sure what face this is, but he was excited:


We picked up our bikes & multiple bags, loaded our car, then made our way to Bastrop while I talked to my Mom & Dad on the phone.  My Dad may or may not have planted an Ironman seed in my head; it’s on his bucket list too.  The rest of the drive was pretty hilarious; I think David and I talked more about bodily functions than ever.  Triathlons do that to you.  I did fine with my nutrition, but David ate ONLY Gus (12 Gu’s total – disgusting!!), so he had a bit of an upset stomach and needed lots of stops.  We also stopped by an HEB to stock up on pickles, pretzels and popcorn.  Salt, salt, salt.

First thing when we got to the hotel was to shower!!  It felt so good… until we realized our chaffed areas.  David said: What was the best part of the Half Ironman?  The shower after.  What was the worst part of the Half Ironman?  The shower after.  I got a little chaffing from my wetsuit under my arms and David got it on his chest from his heart rate monitor and under his arms.

Second item of business was FOOD.  We headed right to the hotel restaurant and I ordered the most delicious burger with sweet potato fries and a Shiner.  Cleaned the whole plate.  I really do love a good burger and Shiner after a big event.  Instead of dessert at the restaurant we got a s’mores kit and made s’mores over a huge fire pit.  Mmmm… nice way to end a tough day. 


We laid down to bed around 10, but only made it until 12:30 PM before waking up again.  Then it was “Are you hungry?”  “Yeah, are you?”  We started devouring the bag of popcorn since it was the first thing we could get our hands on, then made it back to bed until the morning.  Tired Brittany!


By morning, I had already been dreaming of pancakes, so we hit up the cafe again and split a large stack of buttermilk pancakes and a goat cheese omelet.  We were brainstorming and wanted to make the most of the full day we had off, but didn’t want to do anything that required energy.  After a quick walk around the grounds, we knew exactly what we wanted to do: tube the the crooked (lazy) river!  This was the best part of the stay.  It was warm, with cool water and we were the only people on the river!!  Sooo relaxing.  We floated around at least 3 times.


Around noon we ate lunch, checked out or our room, then headed to the spa.  Originally, we were going to wait to get massages in Houston since they are cheaper, but once at the hotel, we said “why not? we’re sore!” and bit the bullet for a fancy couples massage.  Again, no one was at the spa, so we got to enjoy the spa pool/hot tub before the massage itself.  The massage was lovely; I just wished it were longer.

The Hyatt Lost Pines was a great experience – I’d definitely recommend it.  Great atmosphere, food, and the rooms didn’t “feel” like hotel rooms.  I’m sure, however, it could get extremely crowded during the summer and holidays with all the kids running around.  We enjoyed it, and told ourselves anytime we are super stressed at work or need a break, heading there on a Monday to float the lazy river might just cure anything 🙂

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