A Hill Country Experience

I still can’t get over the fact that I’m a Half Ironman (woman)!!   I’m getting to the full recap in a second, but first a little pre-race recap.

Friday morning we made our way to Fredericksburg, with stops at multiple Whole Foods in Austin to pick up groceries (the first one didn’t have my usual quinoa pasta – I was not about to mess with some new brand the night before a big race!!).  So we proceeded to take pictures at each of the WF.  Maybe my blog should be renamed WholeFoodsAddict.

download (1)_thumb[1]download_thumb[1]

We finally made it to our sweet hill country vacation rental. 


It was an extremely comfortable house with hill country views and a back patio I just fell in love with.  Continuing to ham it up:


We got to do a lot of porch sitting & chatting over the weekend, just watching the hummingbirds & hawks.  I would have liked to enjoy some wine on the porch were I not about to race for 70  miles Sunday.


Most of Saturday was dedicated to packet pick up & bike drop – the Kerrville HIM had two transitions and multiple bags needed to be packed.  We cleaned & prepped our bikes with the famous “David Gu method” of taping lots of Gus to the top tube with electrical tape.  It makes them easy to tear off and eat during a race.


Kerrville was definitely the most logistical race I’ve done to date, so we dropped our bikes, then drove around town a bit trying to figure out which transition was where.  After the trip to Kerrville was complete we lazed around at the house and watched Blood Diamond while it rained out.  It was nice & cozy!


I don’t know if it was the best choice of movies since it got my adrenaline pumping just watching it, but David and I agreed that we’d remember during our tri “at least we aren’t carrying Leonardo DiCaprio up a  hill right now” [like Solomon had to].   We were also watching the weather closely, and it quickly became apparent that we’d miss the rain but get lots of wind; 16+ mph Sad smile 

We cooked our usual pasta dinner that night, and headed to bed early enough.  I was a nervous mess and didn’t sleep well at all, but I kind of expected that.  Next up is a full race recap!

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