Jitters!!! + HIM Training: Week 16

I’ve got so much nervous/exited/anxious energy this week – I’m a total “ball of stress”!  I don’t think I’ve felt this way about a sporting event since my first Houston to Austin MS150 bike ride 7 years ago!!  It’s great, but I’m also hyper-sensitive to every little ache or pain – is my hip acting up?  Will I get calf cramps?

Speaking of hyper-sensitivity, David freaked out early this week because he realized his long-sleeved wetsuit might make his arms tired during the swim, so the following day, he went to 5 tri shops before finding a sleeveless one that worked.  And he got the highest thickness that is legal, he will be floaty!  I’m pretty sure he’s just trying to beat my swim time since his wetsuit will be 5.5 mm and mine is 2 or 3.  I can’t talk, since I had my own separate freak-out moment today and went to get some compression calf sleeves since my calves felt extremely tight on our bike this morning.

For this week, we opted to change a few of our planned workouts:


Regular swims, no track, and no bricks.  We also switched our rest day, so that the day before we could put our feet up:


As for preparedness, I’m ready, but I’m not at my training peak.  I stuck with my training for all but the past couple of weeks due to injury, and 3 weeks of taper has definitely left me feeling a downturn in my fitness level and mood.  Nothing too bad, but last month I was on top of the world and felt like I was in the best shape of my life.  Now I’m just ‘okay’, and I know going into the race that it’s probably going to be painful.

Either way, looking back, I had these goals in mind when I signed up for the race; I added some comments of what I think now that training is complete:

  • No time goal. Period.  This will be a hilly course and away from home; I don’t want to add excess stress. <— yeah, I have a secret time goal in mind, but I’m trying not to think about it too much
  • That being said, I do want to ROCK this tri and feel strong, for me.  <– without further injury afterwards!
  • Have fun – I hope I’m smiling throughout the race and enjoying what is beautiful Texas Hill Country
  • Enjoy the journey and follow a training program.  I fully expect to be changing the schedule weekly, but not to slack.  <– I loved the training and can’t wait to continue with many aspects of it, especially swimming!

My goals still stand, so now it’s all about carrying out a good race day execution plan:

  • Pre-race: early start with PB Bagel & lemon water.  Lots of lube & sunscreen!  Get to transition early (at least 1 hour before close) & set up bike area.  Sip water while waiting.
  • Swim: Gu before start.  Clear goggles and dunk head in water before start (to get used to temperature).  Sight often, think about form during swim.   
  • Bike: Keep heart rate at 145 bpm or less.  Spin up hills, go faster on downhills, avoid standing unless needed.  Eat ~100cal every 30 mins (combo of PureFit bar, Chewy bars, and Gus).  Aim for 1 bottle of drink mix per hour.  Stop after 1st loop at rest stop & quick stretch, use restroom.  Enjoy Texas Hill Country scenery 🙂
  • Run: Keep heart rate at 145 bpm for first two laps.  155 bpm or less third lap.  Get after it (as my swim coach would say) on the fourth lap!

The best advice I’ve heard is just go and have fun and to remember that I get to do this (there are a lot that can’t!).  Oh, and to take it slow…

Ok, back to packing :/  Check back next week for a race recap!!

6 thoughts on “Jitters!!! + HIM Training: Week 16

  1. Good luck! Have fun out there – it’s a beautiful area and very well organized race. I think you’ll enjoy it! I can relate to the feeling of ‘just okay’ going into the race. I feel like I was on a high a few weeks ago and very confident… before injuries starting to creep up…now I just unsure and hoping to complete the distance with the least amount of pain possible. It’s funny how perspective changes!

    1. Thanks, the race was great!! Stayed a little on the conservative side but finished sans injury. I’m sure you will do great, sounds like you’re recovering and kicking butt already 🙂

  2. Good luck on the race, you’ll do great. It will be interesting to see the results on the swim time… If David’s time is better you’ll have to post which wetsuit as my full one definitely constricts and tires my arms.

  3. Got your swimming links – I can’t get the first one to work at all, but the second one did work. I’ll give you our feedback once all three of us have watched it. Any idea what is going on with link 1???

    1. I don’t know… I had problems with the second one myself and had to start halfway through it. Then I tried it on my husband’s computer and it worked, so I don’t know what the deal is.

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