HIM Training: Week 15

Yay – I biked with no issues (other than soreness) today!  I’m feeling pretty good.  This week was supposed to be the usual, with a little more speed (Z3):


But instead you’ll see I took quite a few days of rest and eased into the workouts:


I have no regrets though – at this point, what’s done is done and I just have one week more week of taper before the big race! 

I know some of you liked the his & hers race medals holders I mentioned the other day.  I also liked them so much, that I decided my race bib numbers needed a home as well.  I bought this “hers” race bib display from Runningonthewall.comThe store has all sorts of sizes, quotes, and you can even make a custom one.  I just love it!  I’m really big on everything having its own place, so I love an organized spot to hang my race bibs. 


I displayed my “look at me” wall next to my desk, and some of my more important photos (wedding & family):IMG_2673

David got the “his” version of the race bib holder, because he had kept almost all of his race bibs over the past years – 38 I think!   He has a great way to keep memories of the race – on the bib he writes a few sentences of important things from the race: weather, who he was with, the course, and any fun memories.  It was fun going through his bibs and reminiscing.   Here are a few of my favorites:

  • 2009 MS150: Brittany + others met us for the start @ 7:15 to get to Austin ~1:30. Brittany’s dad rode with us.  He was a strong rider.  Wind in our face at 10-15mph, sunny day.  Bryan’s friend hurt his balls.
  • 2010 Hotter n’ Hell 100mile Bike: Rode with Chris, Brittany, Bryan.  Late looking for spot.  Cool @ first. knee hurting @ mile 85.  Stopped for beer @ mile 98.  Chris pulled a lot. Bryan cramped up.  Water lines were poorly organized.
  • 2010 SF Bay to Breakers: Cold & rainy.  Wore coconut bra with Britt & her cousins.

Can’t wait to add one more bib to the collection next weekend!

4 thoughts on “HIM Training: Week 15

  1. awesome, road to recovery. I was also glad to be able to bike while recovering from piriformis – although it did hurt when you stop & land on your leg! How many bibs are in your collection so far?

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