HIM Training: Week 13

Thanks for listening to my pity party yesterday, y’all 😉  I had to vent a little, so it’s nice to know that other people go through the same feelings about injury.  It’s almost silly since a sore/strained calf really isn’t that bad in the big scheme of things.  It just always seems so at the time.  I swear, I can turn the smallest thing into “the world is ending” way too easily! 

Despite my whining about August’s setbacks, looking at the big picture – we’ve come a long way.  I was scared to death of a 2,000m open water swim before, and now 2,000m feels good.  I can’t explain what a chore swimming used to be or understand how I look forward to it now.  I’ve even gotten compliments from my fellow swimmers – I’m pacing well, really?!!  David has also found that he looks forward to his lunch time swims and those 500m sprint distances we were nervous about finishing seem like a walk in the park.  I’ve found I love the feel of the water and my sunny Friday afternoon lake sessions.  I also really like being able to use swimming for cross training or recovery when my legs are sore on Mondays or Fridays.  It’s something I don’t see going away too soon.  

Running has also generally improved; my bricks have been sub-9:00 min miles, and there were even a few days I could finish them off close to 7:00 min/mi.  I know it’s not fast to some of you, but it’s a huge improvement for the girl who used to run 11:00 min miles a few years back.  Hill training & core work is where it’s at; I’ve missed group hill workouts past few weeks and can’t wait to get back into it after the HIM.  I’m also already thinking of that PR I want at the Dallas or Houston Half Marathon…

Biking, well my bike got a lot of miles, but the improvement has been pretty minor.  I know why – because I don’t bike with a team.  David and I usually just ride together, and we don’t push each other quite the same way group rides do.  We do some interval training on our short bricks, but I need more if I want significant improvement.  If I were to re-work our training schedule, I’d want to find some group rides to participate in.

Ok – so now to last week’s schedule which was altered a bit due to the Olympic triathlon.  Speaking of which – I have good news; I was moved up to 7th place out of 40 girls in my AG in the Austin TriRock (one of the girls had a 25+mph bike avg, meaning she probably forgot to do her 3rd lap on the course!).  Sweet. 





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